Doja Cat - Need To Know (Official Video)

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Featured Friend - Grimes
Featured Friend - Jazelle Straka-Braxton
Featured Friend - Josephine Pearl Lee
Featured Friend - Ryan Destiny
Lead Male - Cameron Saffle

Directors - Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio
Executive Producers - Austin Barbera & Jake Krask
Commissioner - Sam Houston
Directors Rep - Tommy Labuda
Production Company - SixTwentySix Productions
Head of Production - Kai Yuricich
Producer - Brian Bell
1st AD - Jesse Hayes
Director of Photography - Russ Fraser
Production Designer - John Richoux
Editor - Miles Cable
3D VFX Artist - Diachi Sakane
3D VFX Artist - Miles Cable
Colorist - Kaitlyn Battistelli
Label - Val Pensa
Label - Quinci Bryant
Label - Tunji Balogun
Record Label - RCA Records

Team Doja Cat
MGMT - Wassim "Sal" Slaiby
MGMT - Gordan Dillard
MGMT - Lydia Asrat
MGMT - Josh Kaplan
MGMT - Rachel Rowley
Creative Director / Stylist - Brett Alan Nelson
Stylist Asst. - Kristen Ritchie
Stylist Asst. - Talia Garner
Hair - J Stay Ready (Jared Henderson)
Hair Stylist Asst. 1 - Devante Turnbull
Hair Stylist Asst. 2 - Rachel Lita
MUA - Ernesto Casillas
MUA Asst 1 - Ivan Nunez
MUA Asst 2 - Michael Silva
Nail Tech - Saccia Livingston
Content - Jamal Peters
Content - Helina Behailu

BG/Featured Vanities
Stylist - Ann-Marie Hoang
Prosthetics Lead - Malina Stearn
Key Artist - Allison McGillicuddy

  • I’m ready for the handsome squidward memes

    Doja CatDoja CatMês atrás
    • 😩

      루이루이2 dias atrás

      sus is tea.sus is tea.22 dias atrás

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    • Yess lol😂

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    • Eyyyy

      Clark Danielle GolinganClark Danielle GolinganMês atrás
  • I love this song

    Ruthie DawsonRuthie Dawson4 minutos atrás
  • She rap, she sing, she dance, she's original, her brand is undeniable, her performance quality is Grammy level, she's lovable, she's dumb gorgeous asf, she's all natural, she's putting on for black nerds everywhere, like at this point we really gotta ask wtf CANT Doja do? Like she's a goat level artist already, no Doja hatred will ever be tolerated in my presence 💯

    Rich RobinRich Robin8 minutos atrás
  • Iam in love with this song💞🥺😭

    𝑱𝑬𝑺𝑺𝑰 ™𝑱𝑬𝑺𝑺𝑰 ™11 minutos atrás
  • 2:06 best part

    obvTechyyyobvTechyyy37 minutos atrás
  • Doja Cat i love you so much

    ;bellalxver;bellalxver41 minuto atrás
  • Ryan looked cute 😍

    Nikki HNikki H42 minutos atrás
  • This song stuck in my mind

    Bibi EmilyBibi Emily59 minutos atrás
  • Do it on tiktok pls

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  • TikTok would not be TikTok without her✨❤️

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  • أحبهاا 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩.

    -tᥲᥱjιᥒ 𖤴.-tᥲᥱjιᥒ 𖤴.Hora atrás
  • Dsmp edits 😏✋🥵

  • gente essa grimes só é famosa por ser esposa do elon musk né?

    natálianatália2 horas atrás
  • What a song!

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  • Unity got hotter

    Alex HernandezAlex Hernandez2 horas atrás
  • This song is a fucking banger

    Traino FamilyTraino Family2 horas atrás
  • cyberpunk 2077

    kudoki Chinezkudoki Chinez2 horas atrás
  • Inagine if she said "ur exciting boy come try me your eyes told me girl come ride me"

    lawd hath merthylawd hath merthy2 horas atrás
  • Meu deus a Grimes...

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  • Imma be honest The rhythm and autotune dont go good

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    • This song a whole bop what ☠️

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  • Wish there were no dudes on planet her lol

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  • Salió Grimes?

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  • I remember blasting this when it was released and not much knew abt it. Now, it's called a "tiktok" song 😭

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  • 2:08 Love that Drop

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  • Que música perfeita

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  • Didn't know Grimes was in this

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  • Okay, but WHO IS THIS MAN ?

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  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️u doja

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  • i'm in love with u girl THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD OMG

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  • Feminism i have failed you 🤪

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  • 2:04

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  • daily dose of Doja

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  • Ее треки всегда взлетают

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  • Mulher arrasa em tudo vei❤

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  • Wanna know what it's like (Like) Baby, show me what it's like (Like) I don't really got no type (Type) I just wanna fuck all night Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (Oh, ooh, mmm) Baby, I need to know, mmm (Yeah, need to know) I just been fantasizin' (Size) And we got a lotta time (Time) Baby, come throw the pipe (Pipe) Gotta know what it's like (Like) Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah Baby, I need to know, mmm What's your size? (Size) Add, subtract, divide ('Vide) Daddy don't throw no curves (Curves) Hold up, I'm goin' wide (Wide) We could just start at ten (Ten) Then we can go to five (Five) I don't play with my pen (Pen) I mean what I write Yeah-yeah, woah-woah-woah I just can't help but be sexual (Oh) Tell me your schedule (Yeah) I got a lotta new tricks for you, baby Just sayin' I'm flexible (Yeah) I do what I can to get you off (Yeah) Might just fuck him with my makeup on (Yeah) Eat it like I need an apron on (You okay?) Eat it 'til I need to change my thong (You okay?) We could do it to your favorite song (You okay?) Take a ride into the danger zone You know my nigga be buggin' me I just be wonderin' if you can fuck on me better Itchin' for me like an ugly sweater Need it in me like a Chuck E. need cheddar I need to know Wanna know what it's like (Like) Baby, show me what it's like (Like) I don't really got no type (Type) I just wanna fuck all night Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (Oh, ooh, mmm) Baby, I need to know, mmm (Yeah, need to know) I just been fantasizin' (Size) And we got a lotta time (Time) Baby, come throw the pipe (Pipe) Gotta know what it's like (Like) Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah Baby, I need to know, mmm You're exciting, boy, come find me Your eyes told me, "Girl, come ride me" Fuck that feeling both us fighting Could he try me? (Yeah) Mmm, most likely Tryna see if you could handle this ass Prolly give his ass a panic attack Sorry if I gave a random erection Prolly thinkin' I'm a telekinetic Oh, wait, you a fan of the magic? Poof, pussy like an Alakazam I heard from a friend of a friend That dick was a ten out of ten I can't stand it, just one night me Clink with the drink, gimme a sip Tell me what's your kink, gimme the dick Spank me, slap me, choke me, bite me (Ew) Oh, wait, I can take it (Ah) Give a fuck 'bout what your wifey's sayin' (Yeah) Wanna know what it's like (Like) Baby, show me what it's like (Like) I don't really got no type (Type) I just wanna fuck all night Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (Oh, ooh, mmm) Baby, I need to know, mmm (Yeah, need to know) I just been fantasizin' (Size) And we got a lotta time (Time) Baby, come throw the pipe (Pipe) Gotta know what it's like (Like) Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah Baby, I need to know, mmm

    Faith JusticeFaith Justice4 horas atrás
  • 2:00

    Kiara HyungKiara Hyung4 horas atrás
  • Mi religión

    Zainab ChararaZainab Charara5 horas atrás
  • The men who she grindes on will probably never be satisfied with another sexual encounter, unless the person dresses just like doja did in the video 😬🤔

    dark skulldark skull5 horas atrás
  • Neverila som že toto bude trend 📈 videla som zážitok a je že tak to vôbec ale teraz je to moja fav songa 😏 hah 😁

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    master_adam_offical_06master_adam_offical_065 horas atrás
  • Im not rlly into pop music but holy shit shes pretty af (the song is good too)

    Slayer -Slayer -6 horas atrás
  • Doja cat 🤤🤤🔥😭

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  • doja esquizofrenica????

    lawliet !!lawliet !!6 horas atrás
  • Doja is a great artist and one of my favourites but some of her music fails as other songs from other artists also do: promote infidelity. Where are we going? Is that a subject we should normalise? Just a thought for everyone to think about. Thanks for reading

    tiagoguerreiro131tiagoguerreiro1316 horas atrás
  • 😏

    Áńthőńý ChârlésÁńthőńý Chârlés6 horas atrás
  • She turning me into lesbian omg

    Trusfrated MochiTrusfrated Mochi6 horas atrás
  • this shit weird but i love u doja

    The CrabotexThe Crabotex6 horas atrás
  • No but all her songs are so good

    MeghaMegha6 horas atrás
  • Damn handsome squidward

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  • The more I watch this the more I relate to everything 😂🔥

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  • Tds as músicas dela tão no tiktok só pode

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  • Why do I feel like we just got a glimpse of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3

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  • I must admit I've been sleep on doja cat, not anymore... 🤤

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  • kesini karna tiktok:)

  • Igual a riri não tem uma música ruim

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  • that was a whole damn movie

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  • IM ALWAYS REPLAYS "you're exciting boy come find me*

  • quando eu vi pela primeira vez: bonzinho né.... a música estorou.. eu: oqueeeeeeeeeeeee como aaa0-0

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  • - Wooow .......PROGRESS

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  • This video deserves 10M likes wtf ! I love you Doja 🐈

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  • This is Doja era now

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  • Is that blonde girl grimmes?

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  • Ok, can i have the nasa doja shirt now?

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  • 2:02

    Michelle AngelinaMichelle Angelina8 horas atrás

    ziggy !!ziggy !!8 horas atrás
  • This is like cyber punk and sexy and the city and I’m living for IT

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  • Can we just say that doja's music is perfect

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  • why no one here talks about grimes is in this video, did you guys notice that 2:20 1:47

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  • Music I liked

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  • her songs bang every time !!!

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  • She Never sucks❤️😊

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  • this song is giving me that 2014 songs vibes

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  • Probably the best out of the other songs imagine how long it took thoughh to take the paint off

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