MARINA - Venus Fly Trap (Official Music Video)

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“ANCIENT DREAMS IN A MODERN LAND” - Live from the desert, 12th June. 🏜🌵

Directed by: Weird Life
Executive Producers: Weird Life Films
Creative Director: Laura Gordon
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton
Marina Management: Crush Music

Producer: Erin Boyle \u0026 Anthony Pedone
PA: Matt Garland
1st AC: Jake Bayless
2nd AC: Jed Hernandez
Gaffer: Paul Deorio
Key Grip: Michael Suraci
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter
Production Designer: Justin Ryan Brown
Set Decorator: Carter Shults
Art PA: Charlie Northrop
Picture Car: Barton Reavis
Monster Suit: Anatomorphix
Covid Compliance Officer: Anthony Pedone
CCO Assistant: Kati Thomas

Wardrobe: Mercedes Natalia
Makeup: Anthony Nguyen
Hair: Rena Calhoun
Hair Assistant: Lauren Leuning
Custom Wardrobe: Olima
Choreographer: Lisa Eaton
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter

VFX: Rick Gorge
Color: The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll
Colour Assist: Cassie Benedict
Colour Assist: Jonathan Brandenberg
Colour Producer: Cameron Aper
Film Process/ Scan: Spectra

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  • She seriously never disappoints

    tereza.tereza.49 segundos atrás
  • my brother had the audacity to say this wasn't good. glad to say I don't have a brother anymore!

    scrwdrvrscrwdrvr4 minutos atrás

    theoootheooo5 minutos atrás
  • This deserves more views she’s so talented

    Exceed in DreamingExceed in Dreaming5 minutos atrás
  • I love this new album so much!

    Exceed in DreamingExceed in Dreaming6 minutos atrás
  • fly trap

    tommy leetommy lee23 minutos atrás
  • Marina never disappoints, never.

    InpyInpy47 minutos atrás
  • This feels so "The Family Jewels" Loving it af, te amoooo Marina

    Eve BravoEve Bravo49 minutos atrás
  • Her best video so far ❤️

    Bruno de AndradeBruno de Andrade56 minutos atrás
  • "Harvey Weinstein's gone to jail" JDKGIFOEJFJ. 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 GIVE THEM THE NEWS STORY THEY'VE BEEN BEGGING FOR MARINA 😂😂😂

    Niko ZizaNiko ZizaHora atrás
  • 🤍

    Danilo de LucenaDanilo de LucenaHora atrás
  • mama !

    Baptiste BorieBaptiste BorieHora atrás
  • MARINA HA SALVADO EL 2021 no hay nada que pueda con esto! ❤️

    Vidal LlamasVidal LlamasHora atrás
  • marina is forever evolving, theres no conclusion to her and thats what makes her such a good artist. in this song and video she seems to be unchained by the music industry's expectations and standards. thats really awesome

    vienyelvienyelHora atrás
  • Entregou tudo

    Italo SantosItalo SantosHora atrás
  • THANK YOU @Shoe0nHead for showing me this!! SOO needed it right now! gotta take my life in MY HANDS BITCHES

    annascooking todayannascooking todayHora atrás
  • 👏🏼 👏🏼

    Khalil EmirKhalil EmirHora atrás
  • i love this oneee

    kiukiuHora atrás

    ClaudioClaudioHora atrás
  • Las 3 Eras bailando me dieron la vida necesaria para continuar con esta semana.

    Juan Alberto LaraJuan Alberto Lara2 horas atrás
  • This is so aesthetic ! I love it.

    angelo ✨🌱angelo ✨🌱2 horas atrás

    angelo ✨🌱angelo ✨🌱2 horas atrás
  • Ah yes, finally our queen is here

    Abi MdzAbi Mdz2 horas atrás
  • third day being obsessed with this

    SebaSeba2 horas atrás
  • tanked

    SpamboxSpambox2 horas atrás
  • Why she’s so underrated now? 😔

    Bruno GómezBruno Gómez2 horas atrás
  • Alguien haga un edit con esta canción y Beth Harmon 😻❤

    mar lomar lo2 horas atrás
  • Marina yet again proves that she'd wipe the floor with me in a dance off

    Daddy WumboDaddy Wumbo2 horas atrás
  • Forget about the mediocre ones Froot & Love + Fear...!!! HELL YES!!! ELECTRA HEART IS BACK! THANKS MARINA! Missed you SO MUCH all this last years! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤❤❤❤❤

    EndtymeEndtyme3 horas atrás
  • artists are showing it but in a modern way.

    aola wiliaola wili3 horas atrás
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Miguel VictorMiguel Victor3 horas atrás
  • it honestly brings me so much joy to listen to Marinas new songs

    Sophie P.Sophie P.3 horas atrás
  • You can't run away from the 60's forever

    Basti BlumenkraftBasti Blumenkraft3 horas atrás
  • What a masterpiece!

    Levi ReyesLevi Reyes3 horas atrás
    • this mv is GORGEOUS wow

      aola wiliaola wili3 horas atrás
  • ameeeei

    Matheus LunkesMatheus Lunkes4 horas atrás
  • AHS 1984 vibes!!! LOVE IT 🤍🤍🤍

    Rohit SasaneRohit Sasane5 horas atrás
  • Ok, this is definitely my favourite song this year so far! Wonderful. Thank you Marina!

    easton1717easton17175 horas atrás
  • i am the 6.666 comment. what a hell !

    Wagner WarnerWagner Warner5 horas atrás
  • This song is insanely good.

    ZillmoPigZillmoPig5 horas atrás

    niamhniamh5 horas atrás

    Sayu HaibaraSayu Haibara5 horas atrás
  • The drag queens are gonna eat this shit up WORK IT HONEY 💃

    sleepy gyrosleepy gyro5 horas atrás
  • Omg marina is beautiful

    Vikram MVikram M6 horas atrás
  • Queen

    AlesenyaAlesenya6 horas atrás

    하유진하유진6 horas atrás
  • Such a signature Marina sound!! I love it!!!!

    Minerva VirkkiMinerva Virkki6 horas atrás
  • this mv is GORGEOUS wow

    MeganMegan6 horas atrás
  • A bop

    Al SalAl Sal6 horas atrás
  • Feels so unreal

    Thestar008 XThestar008 X6 horas atrás

    Waa.AleynaWaa.Aleyna7 horas atrás
  • The blue-white outfit and the graphics of the camera give me 80's greek cinema movies and 50's Hollywood movies.. Such an aesthetic.. I'm convinced that MARINA is a GREEK GODDESS 🇬🇷

    Martin CangaMartin Canga7 horas atrás
  • Marina is what I need

    Flora FloraFlora Flora7 horas atrás
  • I like this one

    x joanx joan7 horas atrás
  • I'm obsessed

    Rhodes TvfeRhodes Tvfe7 horas atrás

    Alexis UndergroundAlexis Underground7 horas atrás
  • Marina is criminally underrated!

    GODDÉGODDÉ7 horas atrás
  • You are THE BEST

    Brenda D.Brenda D.7 horas atrás
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    O Mundo de Victor BrandãoO Mundo de Victor Brandão8 horas atrás
  • I LOVE YOU ❤️

    Nedjla H-LNedjla H-L8 horas atrás
  • Things Marina blew up: Hollywood My wig

    Luis SalasLuis Salas8 horas atrás
  • drop the choreo queen

    Jana MilašJana Milaš8 horas atrás
  • Marina in a nutshell

    Ginger KatherinaGinger Katherina8 horas atrás

    Judas VersaceJudas Versace9 horas atrás
  • Loveee

    lizinha yylizinha yy9 horas atrás
  • I Love you Marina, I love you. This is so perfect, omg!

    Mary Winchester LpMary Winchester Lp9 horas atrás
  • THAT BLACK LEATHER DRESS IS EVERYTHING ON HER. OMG I'm praising whoever put it in her

    Nóri iNóri i9 horas atrás
  • My favorite song from this new least for now, I love you Marina

    Franky FoodLoverFranky FoodLover9 horas atrás
  • And the diamonds?

    D3AD3ND3DD3AD3ND3D10 horas atrás
  • The layers of meaning in this video have just clicked. It’s pretty incredible- I feel she’s representing herself and the empowerment she feels in her refound authentic voice of self-expression in this album/era … / but also doing this through the lens of the #me-too movement…. the freedom of women in Hollywood to now finally speak the truth of their treatment and abuse in the notorious “casting couch” system through the different iconic eras of Hollywood (1920’s, 1960s, 1980’s and contemporary) - what makes this really poignant is that she is representing women who sadly never had the chance to voice the abuse they received in the early and mid era of Hollywood. She once sang “Hollywood infected your brain” - now she plays Hollywood’s own tropes back - freeing women from its archetypes to watch the sign BURN 🔥

    Stephen WhiteheadStephen Whitehead10 horas atrás
  • Eu amo tanto a vibe dela!

    LanaLana10 horas atrás
  • Why be a wallflower, when you can be a Venus Fly Trap?

    DD10 horas atrás
  • tis gud

    asanfasanasanfasan10 horas atrás
  • This song is so catchy as fffffck

    Mark SevillanoMark Sevillano10 horas atrás
  • Ну что за красотка!!!😍😍😍

    Яна ПоршневаЯна Поршнева10 horas atrás
  • The concept of this era is incredible. 😻 Congratulations Marina! 👏🏼 You are doing amazing.

    Yesid MejiaYesid Mejia10 horas atrás
  • “Perks of being a Venus fly trap”

    A VA V11 horas atrás
    • @Chris Craig I’ll see you in court sir 🤣

      A VA V10 horas atrás
    • Gonna make this a book now thanks for the idea 😁

      Chris CraigChris Craig10 horas atrás
  • BIELABIELA11 horas atrás
  • muito bom

    andrelegnaniandrelegnani11 horas atrás
  • I just got into Marina's yesterday and I already finished two of her latest albums, I'm proudly say I'm obsessed

    💔🎶💔🎶11 horas atrás

    Agustín VillarcAgustín Villarc11 horas atrás
  • She just destroyed hollywood!!!!

    Level_LizLevel_Liz11 horas atrás
  • I want her to cast a spell on me… can she include that in the tour ticket packages 🥺😖😫

    Angel ColonAngel Colon12 horas atrás
  • Yes please!

    Karlid IminKarlid Imin12 horas atrás
  • Electra 🖤

    nathan skynathan sky12 horas atrás
  • Marina did everything again

    Shara MirandaShara Miranda12 horas atrás
  • I need that T-shirt.

    dddddd12 horas atrás
  • Awesome song and video! 👍🏼

    Mrs. Dig Nation21Mrs. Dig Nation2112 horas atrás
  • 1:44 Step on me mama

    DantRaiseDantRaise12 horas atrás
  • girlboss but in the best possible use of the term

    Sarah MinoSarah Mino12 horas atrás
  • just perfect

    ana campbellana campbell12 horas atrás
  • The sound. The visuals. The body 🤩🤩

    Moon dust smells funnyMoon dust smells funny13 horas atrás
  • :OOO I see you sampling that 'Girls' horn !!!

    emboembo13 horas atrás
  • The blonde wig reminds me of St. Vincent ❤️❤️

    Olivia ClaytonOlivia Clayton13 horas atrás

    LuisLuis13 horas atrás
  • Omg i miss this sound! Welcome back Marina 😭😭😭😭

    anjeboo91anjeboo9113 horas atrás
  • Aaaack! You're so cool in the car scene, Marina! 😍 Yeah, let's scream “Nothing in this world could change us!” (;´ຶДຶ `)✊

    NaizzzNaizzz13 horas atrás
  • Blonde Marina reminds me of St Vincent’s current aesthetic.

    IAmPlaysWithSquirrelIAmPlaysWithSquirrel13 horas atrás
  • Her hiatus was too long

    Charts JvChonteCharts JvChonte13 horas atrás