11 Jun 2021
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Based upon many reactions to the announce trailer, it looks like there's many excited for the the new Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack. From animals like foxes, rabbits, chickens, llamas and cows, to a new countryside world, contests, garden stalls and activities for kids. But there’s also been a lot of questions about how the animals will work and what the gameplay will be like.

While we will continue to surely get more information about Sims 4 Cottage Living leading up to the release date, as well as a livestream and probably a gameplay trailer, today I’m covering a Q&A from a Sim Guru on twitter, with the truth about the animals, and some of the gameplay features, like if kids can really cook and how groceries will work.

Stay tuned-- I cover Sims 4 news, reviews, updates, leaks, speculation, and more. I also cover Paralives.

  • Things that are not covered in this video that some of you might like to know: - The blog post mentioned an Animal Enthusiast trait so that's at least one new trait that we'll be getting. - SimGuruRomeo hinted that the new skill was done by one of the kids in the trailer, which I believe is Embroidery. - There are new deathS (emphasized on the "s") and a new woohoo spot. SimGuruRomeo hinted that it was kind of shown in the trailer, which I believe might be Death by Chicken lol (is that Charles the Evil Chicken afterall???). Not sure about other death(s) and the new woohoo spot, might be woohoo in a hay stack or in an animal shed lol. We greatly appreciate your hardwork and dedication in updating us with the newest info as soon as possible, Erin and sometimes I know it can be hard to catch up. Today, I got a bit of time and decided to share some info that I know that other people might not yet. Have a great day everyone! 😊

    Steven ChippssSteven ChippssMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin, don't worry, it is very ok. And if that helps even a little bit, I can tell you, that you really not the only one, who forget things, and there's nothing wrong with that. It happens to everyone sometimes. And now, I hope, you have a very great day, and that you'll keep continue your awesome work, we all really appreciate it. 😊👍❤️

      You TuberYou Tuber9 dias atrás
    • @Anomaly Tenacious i believe i saw the confirmation in another simmer's video where they were pulling directly from the sims community page. It's hard to remember since i've been trying to keep up with what everyone's saying

      Catelyn HCatelyn HMês atrás
    • @Catelyn H I didn't know they confirmed the llama wool could be used for knifty knitting wool. If it works for another pack, then it does indeed make sense for it to work for the yarn needed in this pack.

      Anomaly TenaciousAnomaly TenaciousMês atrás
    • @Anomaly Tenacious it has been confirmed that knitting's cost is negated by having the wool so i assume it'd be the same for cross stitch. When in doubt, think about how easily they'll be able to reuse the code. If they add code that isn't usable in another situation, it'd have to be entirely pack specific, and sims developers don't do that. Unless they're planning to use the code later for another situation. If it's going to be integrated in a lot of packs, it'll come as part of the free update so every player has the base code before they have to purchase a pack to implement it fully. Case in point, likes and dislikes. It was a whole new feature that will include some pack integration (like liking skiing or decor types) but because it was useful for multiple packs, it was put in as a free update. Llamas won't be a free update, but based off the pack integration being talked about, i highly doubt their wool won't be useful for the country livin pack. And since it's been confirmed that their wool will be used in knitting, i'd fully expect it to be used in sewing or another skill

      Catelyn HCatelyn HMês atrás
    • @Steven Chippss I hope so, it makes sense, but they haven't confirmed it yet.

      Anomaly TenaciousAnomaly TenaciousMês atrás
  • It’s cool that they will not be in other neighborhoods. Imagine them in Sulani or Mount Komorabi.

    Natália MrázováNatália Mrázová26 dias atrás
  • so a rabbit isn't a pet, but if my sim is a witch can it be their familiar?!?!?!

    An Eyeland In The SeaAn Eyeland In The SeaMês atrás
    • sadly probably not

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I appreciate your videos so much as someone who doesn’t have Twitter 💕 very helpful

    OppositeblueOppositeblueMês atrás
    • 😊 thank you

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Thanks for compiling all this info for us!

    Julie RosselliJulie RosselliMês atrás
    • Of course! Still waiting to here more news ha. I assume we will see another trailer at some point

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • whats new town called in the new game pack

    JacquelineJacquelineMês atrás
    • Henford-on-Bagley

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Very Important Question: Can We Play As The Animals (Without a mod)

    Elisia_Girl02Elisia_Girl02Mês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin Shit :(

      Elisia_Girl02Elisia_Girl02Mês atrás
    • Nope. The animals are objects and this non playable. The wild animals are not exactly the same but they still are not playable

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I am super pumped for this pack a pity they didn't added racoons ruining trash cans near houses lol it was annoying made in sims1 tho now they wouldn't had to wake entire household while doing it I really miss racoons lol foxes made me recall them this pack will be probably 1st one well made after Seasons for me and I bet it will take another year or two for any good pack to show up lmao I am still hoping for medieval/historical pack too

    Ania GieAnia GieMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin perhaps time travels pack? I am just hungry for more stuff fitting to castles ;) and dragons, we really need caves with dragons but not rabbit holes lol I wanna see dragon lol

      Ania GieAnia GieMês atrás
    • I think I recall raccoons in the other Sims games too . Would be fun. but they probably felt it didn't fit the region & theme I would be open to a historical but I'd want it to blend well with the game. Something like medieval I personally feel may be better off as a spin off to ensure it's detailed to the degree it deserves

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • So, I guess bunnies and foxes will kinda work like dolphins - you meet them, befriend them and they visit... honestly, that will work for me :)

    Kami BorisovaKami BorisovaMês atrás
    • Yes, I think that is the general idea

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • i have a feeling that grocery shopping may only be for certain ingredients that you can add into some meals, and that we won’t need to do traditional grocery shopping

    sawyersawyerMês atrás
    • That may be true

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • i would love to have cows, llama and chickens on my off grid lots in island living!!!!

    Eriana RedixEriana RedixMês atrás
    • Yeah! I think it could be pretty interesting to have some of these animals in other worlds

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I thought I saw on Twitter someone said you can change the livestock color by feeding them different things. That seems plausible. I usually pre order, bt I think I'm going to wait and watch more videos like this once it's released.

    Dashia DavisDashia DavisMês atrás
    • Yes, I had a later video addressing this. Kind of neat Good idea, allows you to see reviews

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Horses....... please......

    baby jessbaby jessMês atrás
    • Have a feeling they may one day do a horses pack

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Okay so they can make cows, but not horses? Right.

    Jennifer HartJennifer HartMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin Well, they could do it in the sims 3, so why not in 4?

      Jennifer HartJennifer HartMês atrás
    • Well keep in mind this cows are limited-- they are intractable object, tied to a shed

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Thank you so much! I was on vacation when they announced it and didn't have much time to learn about this. I'm so hyped!

    Veronica whiteheadVeronica whiteheadMês atrás
    • No problem. Hope you had a great vacation

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • This is probably my favourite pack EA has released for the Sims 4. I uninstalled the Sims 4 months ago but this makes me want to reinstall it just to place this pack. I think the icing on the cake would of been GROCERY STORES! where you could own a overall grocery store or a butcher or a fruit/veg market or a fish market. It just makes sense with this pack. Definitely happy with the animals but I wish bunny rabbits were proper pets you could add to your family. The other animals I'm fine with how they are.

    Ashley SimsAshley SimsMês atrás
    • So far I'd say the same for me-- I need to see how it turns out but yeah I agree I'd love a physical grocery store too at some point

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I can already see the modders adding a lot to this pack, like the ability to have multiple animals per shed or the ability to keep rabbits as pets modders are great 😀

    Andreia SantosAndreia SantosMês atrás
    • Yeah! I think it'll be a lot of fun to see what they do

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • For real, the person asks about the bunnies, the guru replies about foxes... 🤦 How can people still pretend they care when they answer 😩

    Océane GougeonOcéane GougeonMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin yes, I was just noticing that they didn't exactly reply to the question with this tweet in particular

      Océane GougeonOcéane GougeonMês atrás
    • Well bunnies and rabbits are both wild animals and work in a similar fashion from what I understand

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I think horses would have been cool but I'm happy with this pack. I'm actually very happy its not American farming. (Though I'd have been with that as well) I remember hoping they'd put a spin on farming so I like that its a bit more like home stead farming vs industrial. I'm sure somethings will disappoint me over time but I'm very happy so far.

    Hannah M.Hannah M.Mês atrás
    • Me too. I think the was a good way to go-- from. the ethos to the functionality of the game

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • there saving room to purchase more kits down the road.

    Tulsababy SarnieTulsababy SarnieMês atrás
    • What do you mean

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Maybe children will ride the llamas? lol

    GrannyGooseGrannyGooseMês atrás
    • While that'd be interesting, since they are tied to a shed item I don't find it likely

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Do you have more information on the Rideable Scenic Commuting Bicycle? Thanks!!

    Mz RoadRunnerMz RoadRunnerMês atrás
    • Sorry, no. I looked at the description and it really says nothing

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Children should gain the cooking experience from cooking with adults, and It whould make if that help them to become better chefs when becomming teens. Maybe They chould cook by them selfs when reaching a specific level of the scill, but tbh I dont want them to be able to Cook by them self’s

    Alexandra Capote NordinAlexandra Capote NordinMês atrás
    • They may- not sue yet Yeah you';d have to have a limit on what they could cook themselves; wouldn't make sense

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I wish you could have the bunny as a pet. So you could have rabbits in other worlds.

    Autism is UnstoppableAutism is UnstoppableMês atrás
    • The one way you could is to befriend them an add a 'home' to your lot. However I am not entirely sure how that works or what the home is

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Why add wild foxes if we have domestic foxes?

    Sarah EdisonSarah EdisonMês atrás
    • We don't really. You can makes cats and dogs look different but they act the same. I don't count those as real raccoons or foxes

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Soo.. you're telling me the Crop Patch is not going to function with the plants that are already in the game...

    Jloveliyah FJloveliyah FMês atrás
    • It doesn't sound like it, at least. Unless he worded it weirdly

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I'm still excited for this pack. I realized the gurus could only do so much in this pack and many simmers will be unhappy. I do like many of their design choice and still think it's a pack worth getting. Have a great day Erin.

    Mark AbeleMark AbeleMês atrás
    • Yeah, there are always limitations. I do too as least so far. You too

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • why do some people still think bunnies are not pet though?? people clearly have them as indoor pets so i think some animals should also be indoors. hopefully somebody mods that option

    dreymwAhdreymwAhMês atrás
    • I assume it is likely a modder may find a way to do so

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I mean I’m not like not excited about the pack but if I had a choice I would like generation’s. But this looks interesting and could bring more gameplay. Also if my sims can’t like eat the animals (everyone isn’t vegan) than they can keep it

    Hello Choi MinhoHello Choi MinhoMês atrás
    • You can buy meat from the market stalls, but I don't believe you can use your own animals

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I’m super glad that the animals are not household members. When playing on a farm, I like to have extra large families and the animals would prevent me from that

    MysticalSquiddyMysticalSquiddyMês atrás
    • Yeah it'd be quite limiting

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Sorry autocorrect I don't know where that stuff came from but yes I'm excited for this pack

    unknownuserunknownuserMês atrás
    • Ha you're fine. I am too

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Finally something I've been waiting for so happy Spider-Man goes phone number at a new stuff this is going to be awesome

    unknownuserunknownuserMês atrás
    • LOL I know-- this is the autocorrect comment

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I am so excited!!! This pack seems so well thought out and so wholesome 😍

    CourtneyCourtneyMês atrás
    • It does, so far. I feel like it'll even just be enjoyable to spend time in the world

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • my guess for the lots and neighborhoods: A farming district- 1 or 2 empty lots 1 lot that has a house you can move your sim into 1 or 2 lots that have premade sims on it The forest: The ruins 1 empty lot A park perhaps. Could be where we meet the bunnies/Birds. Could also be that maze/knoll (gnoll?) looking things in the background in that last clip of the trailer maybe a household here too. Perhaps with a witch in the woods vibe or that chick from Kiki's Delivery Service type vibe The maze/knoll thing might also be a totally different lot instead of a park, which then it might take the place of either the empty lot or the household The town/Village A park or town square. This might be where the food competition thing we see in the trailer take place. Could also be where the farmer's market is on a given day of the week A cafe or a library. A bar. Possibly either a house you can move your sim into, an empty lot, or a household this is my first time trying to guess what lots there are and idk if there's any like requirements when it comes to making worlds sooo I'm most likely wrong with these lol

    Ana AsburyAna AsburyMês atrás
    • Ha ha, well that's thing thing about guessing-- it's nearly impossible to get it all correct but honestly these seem to be good guesses. We already know there will be a pub and market so there's that. We know there is a large lot, so likely that is useful as a farming district, and of course ruins have been confirmed too

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • So far I’m extremely disappointed, I was so excited for this pack but that died like immediately, I feel like the trailer really baited us into thinking that the animals would act as pets which was the main thing I was looking forward to, I’ve all but lost hope for ts4, I get so excited for every pack only for them to majorly disappoint me, I’m so burnt out and am thinking of quitting the series entirely

    Green VelvetGreen VelvetMês atrás
    • I'm sorry to hear this. For me I could see the llamas and cows were attached-- but maybe I brought in expectations as to how they were done in Sims 3.

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • To change the colors of the cows there are sertain treats your sims can feed them to change their color and flavor of there milk

    Kennya LiberatoreKennya LiberatoreMês atrás
    • Thanks! I missed that. I really like that

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • i really don't like that the pets will be constricted to one world, and i wished bunnies would be abe to have as pets.

    Therese AssarTherese AssarMês atrás
    • So I don't think the llamas and cows are-- at least I hope not. The wild animals are, though if you befriend one, you can attract that one to another world. I will say I did hope for bunnies as pets

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I feel like it's about time that they make more animals in the worlds, because now that Im thinking about it, the world feels really empty and boring without birds and animals (other than stray cats and dogs) scurrying around in the background. So having wild bunnies and birds in the wild brings everything to life. I personally love the market stalls, because it makes for a good storytelling. I have this scene in my mind that the sims would go to the market looking for food and then stop a neighbor nearby to listen to some juicy gossip.

    Sharon SmithSharon SmithMês atrás
    • I think it's a neat touch of realism! Just hope it does add lag. I like them, though I do think they're becoming overdone. I am hoping they feel a bit different from other stalls. Would love more of a gossip system

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • So again a pretty trailer promising us stuff that not gonna happen money grab alla ea

    Caty HellCaty HellMês atrás
    • ok

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Pets that aren’t pets; I always have found it annoying (except for TS1) that the servos had to take up a household slot unlike bone hilda, so this appeals to me with the bunnies.

    Miss Bilby BadinageMiss Bilby BadinageMês atrás
    • I think , while I personally may have liked bunnies as pets, I am just glad they didn't do them all a way-- it would probably be a bit of a mess

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • There is one lot that's 64 x 64. Other lots are smaller, but I don't know more info than that. I think you change the look of the cows by what you feed them, because that's how you change the flavor of their milk.

    ShadoeLandmanShadoeLandmanMês atrás
    • I commented on this video I think but there are so many comments it may have been lost. However, I did not supply the info about the milk. I quite like that feature

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Honestly, I was so excited for this pack since I love a cottagecore themes and farming stuff since I grew up on the farm as a kid, I can't stop watching the trailer all over again, That trailer always make me happy.

    CubieJewel-VideosCubieJewel-VideosMês atrás
    • It does for me as well. There's something about it that really makes me smile. I didn't grow up on a farm, but have spent some time on some

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • So sad theirs only gonna be 12 lots!! Was excited for a new widenburg type world :(

    SpootyNoodle !SpootyNoodle !Mês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin that really sucks!! But I’m glad to know at least!! Manage me expectations!! Thanks a lot!!!

      SpootyNoodle !SpootyNoodle !Mês atrás
    • So I wouldn't get hopes up for that size as the developers said a few years back such a size world is unlikely to happen again. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I wanted to build my own barns. But guess there is some great modders out there that will free the cows and lamas from their sheds 😉

    Elin ÅbergElin ÅbergMês atrás
    • Yes likely. Would not be surprised to see that modded pretty soon after the pack releases

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I'm sad the animals are attached to a shed because I was looking forward to building a large barn with stalls, but that's okay. One less troublesome thing to build.

    Lucy MorinLucy MorinMês atrás
    • Yeah, I get that . I understand why they designed it, but also how it can be a bit limiting

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • There is one 64x64 lot (probably that one we've seen being magically built in the trailer) and in the countryside neighborhood, all the lots are large. When you purchase a shed, you pick cow or llama and then pick the color of it. You can feed cows different things to flavor the milk and color the llamas wool. Kids can help cook, help farm, cross-stitch, play with/befriend wild animals. There's probably more that we haven't seen yet. #future info

    danny crowleydanny crowleyMês atrás
    • Yeah, I heard that (I think I tried to comment, but it likely got lost in all the comments!) I did not know about feeding different things, but have covered the other aspect in some video ha I can't recall any more. Thanks

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I'm so excited for llamas, I always thought they should have been included with Sims 3 Pets. I hope that we can use their wool to make yarn compatible with the knitting pack.

    booklover7900booklover7900Mês atrás
    • Yes me too! Lots of opportunities for cross pack play honestly. Knitting but also Seasons, Cats and Dogs etc

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Not excited... I would rather see Paralives release

    Vegas SimsVegas SimsMês atrás
    • Okay

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Honestly kids cooking alone doesn't make any sense to me. I'm SO glad to see this can now be a family activity though. I'm also hoping the kids may be able to do kid friendly farm activities like collecting eggs!

    BethanyAnneJaneBethanyAnneJaneMês atrás
    • If they did cook alone, you'd have to really limit it. It'd be more like making meals alone vs say using the store to make a turkey dinner ha

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • The new skill will deff be cross stitching

    kristina polizzikristina polizziMês atrás
    • likely

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • If we have cows and chickens why do we have to buy it, why can't it just be an object we get from them when they pass away. (like not a slaughter option of course) but something like I just mentioned, It seems kind of pointless and a missed opportunity.

    Christina ParissiChristina ParissiMês atrás
    • You mean as a free object?

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I like what I've seen so far. It gives me City living level Expansion Pack. And CL is my favourite EP I'm also kinda glad that there is no fairy...I really them in their own Game Pack so I'm relieved actually. And I think the new skill is linked to cross stitching/needlepoint?

    Alex De la LoireAlex De la LoireMês atrás
    • Yeah true. I think they'd not be very detailed in this pack Yes most likely

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • It’s confirmed there’s a bigger lot size. DevonBumpkin, a builder on BRbaby built 2 lots and one was a 64x64

    altaltMês atrás
    • I think I mentioned this is my comment on this video. Good to hear

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • They're are more positives for me then negatives for me with this pack I'm still holding on for secret fairies but I am disappointed if they could add llamas why not horses 😭 that's such a major let down among other things I'm still curious on what's coming to the free update besides pond tool

    EcstaticRop 26EcstaticRop 26Mês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin Thanks Erin 👌

      EcstaticRop 26EcstaticRop 26Mês atrás
    • Alas they just confirmed no occults. I honestly am happy with llamas, but if you are interested why, I have a video up latest one) where they addressed this, as well as something about the ponds

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • oof i was really hoping that we'd get pet rabbits

    SweetBunnlovelySweetBunnlovelyMês atrás
    • Sorry ! I will admit I thought so too at first

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I was also going to say that I think the new skill is Embroidery, which I'm psyched for. I love the prairie-esque activities! 😁 My prediction for buying the cows and llamas is that it will be kind of like the Purchase Seeds option for a garden bed... maybe you click on the shed and choose Purchase Animal and then you'll get a pop-up with options/"breed varieties" or something. I'm not naive enough to think we'll get to customize them in CAS; especially since they aren't really going to be treated like pets. Not to mention what they've said about cows giving flavored milk - I would assume that is dependant on what kind you get. But who knows? Those are just my thoughts! 🤗

    StagePrinc3ssStagePrinc3ssMês atrás
    • Same here! It's kinda weird but one of the first things I thought of when I saw llamas was the bio for Patrizio Monty in Sims 2 - it describes him as "the don of llama ranching" and I just adore the thought of making that a reality in the game.. I always found the Veronaville families so boring because I felt like there was never enough to do with them besides pairing up all the teens, lol. ANYway, all that to say I am truly looking forward to the potential this pack will bring. I never buy the DLC when it's brand-new, but since it comes out right after my birthday, maybe I can convince my husband to buy it as a gift! 😄

      StagePrinc3ssStagePrinc3ssMês atrás
    • Yeah make sense. It could even be like swatches. Both I'm okay with

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • As someone from farm country, I'd say the setup where one grows and sells their produce at a stand is the most realistic. However, I would have liked to see some regulations the sim goes through. Like, to be able to purchase a produce stand, one has to click on the mailbox to send in a registry as a home farm. Once the response is delivered, the stall is unlocked, and the job tab has stats on how your sales are doing.

    Erica CookErica CookMês atrás
    • Oh now that would have been interesting !

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • If there’s no babies... how are they milking the cows?

    EmilynEmilynMês atrás
    • Well I am not 100 percent sure, just my interpretation. But sims does not always follow things with 100 percent realism

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I would love to see a trait for pets or even sims that allows them to guard or watch over the livestock from foxes and such

    Abbey FergusonAbbey FergusonMês atrás
    • That's a great idea! Check out the pinned comment if you have not=-- covers some info I haven't here

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I like the animal idea but I wish you could also add bunnies to the household bc I think it would be fun for my sims to have a house rabbit if they lived in a apartment

    Smileyemoji !Smileyemoji !Mês atrás
    • Me too! It is not a deal breaker but feels like a missed opportunity

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I hear there will be only one 64x64 lot and none that are bigger than that.

    TinklebelleTinklebelleMês atrás
    • Only one. Got it. Thanks for the info. Not surprised, not too concerned

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I feel like 12 lots is on the low side for an expansion pack, especially if some of those are used up by community lots. That's only one lot from being as small as Get Famous... (11 lots in Del Sol Valley.) Also, regarding the groceries, I wonder if they are going to update the costs of produce and ingredients. I love the idea of lot challenges, with cooking actually requiring ingredients and stocking your fridge, but it's a little ridiculous that a grape is 33 Simoleons.

    sedriensmorgasbordsedriensmorgasbordMês atrás
    • I could not recall other world sizes but it does seem small. I do know one lot is 64 by 64. While small, I guess I care most about there gameplay Idk. I am really hoping so though. I hope it's a base game update for general groceries too

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I personally think it fits better with cows and chickens not taking up pet slots but i think rabbits would have been good as that since its your typical pet to give a child to learn responibility. Also i really hope we can customise the cows, chickens and rabbits even thought theyre not part of the houshold cause in my opinion i dislike the looks on them going around in shirts and hats and would kinda ruin the feeling for me if you see that on all animals

    Kim NilssonKim NilssonMês atrás
    • I agree. Most I understand and think was a good idea but I was disappointed with rabbits. My only thought is that the trailer rabbit was just for the trailer or maybe a very special one

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • For more i just wants something to go outsidr with todlers. Or kindrrgaren at home

    Cerkla KittyCerkla KittyMês atrás
    • It won't come with this pack but I am hoping for some toddler gameplay.

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Like i said.. If you wants farm just buy farmsimulator 😝

    Cerkla KittyCerkla KittyMês atrás
    • Yeah.. hard to get into here but it'd be a mess if they tried. I think it was wise for them to go with the direction they did

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I was hoping we could at least have 2 or 3 llamas or cows per shed, but oh well. It would have been nice to have 3 different sheds: small (1 cow or llama), medium (3 cows or llamas), and large (6 cows or llamas). I like that we have canning added. I'm very curious to find out if cows or chickens on our lot can be used for food, in the same way that fish and frogs are used (no butchering animations, just use it to cut the cost of meals) I'm still hoping that toddlers, kids, and teens can travel down the rabbit hole, as in like Alice in Wonderland. 🤞

    Andrew MoellerAndrew MoellerMês atrás
    • True that would have been nice I have doubts we can use our animals as food-- it seems they went the dairy farm route

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I don't think the pets should have ever taken up a house hold slot. I wish the animals had life cycles and could have babies. I wish this pack also came with fairies. This pack had the potential to be the best one they've released yet, imo. I'm still excited for it. Particularly the build/buy items because the houses shown in the trailer are gorgeous. I just feel they really missed an opportunity to really redeem themselves in the eyes of sims fans and it would have been pretty easy and simple to do with this pack considering the demand for farming content.

    Raychelle OrellRaychelle OrellMês atrás
    • It did seem so much like it would have fairies very strange. Then again maybe it is better-- fairies in their own game pack are likely to be more advanced

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • In the trailer you see a horse I’m sure it’s a horse

    Jadean HalliwellJadean HalliwellMês atrás
    • I haven't seen it, just a llama

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Do you think with the heavy rabbit theme that the Sim Gurus are hinting at more rabbit holes in game play? Just a thought lol

    Mr RobotoMr RobotoMês atrás
    • haha well I guess it is possible

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • i’m generally pleased with how this pack is unfolding. very much looking forward to playing it next month.

    SimplyDawnSimplyDawnMês atrás
    • me too

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • My current questions about the current features we know of: World - Are the ruins beautiful but useless? I hope the ruins have some purpose to visit, even if only to picnic and swim as a family. Lots - I wish each neighborhood could have 1 64x64 plot in it. But I am expecting at least 1 64x64 lot in this world. Rabbits - I am a bit confused, can sims (all ages) not interact with the bunnies? Wild animals - such a shame willow creek can't have the wild bunnies it deserves. lol Animals - Sounds like it might be interesting, community lots from ECO having rabbits, birds and llamas might work nice, but it would need to be tested in order to know if animals work on other lots not your own. Rabbits helping out in the garden - is this a repeat of the broken "helping out" dust bunny feature? xD Cooking - do cooking ingredients matter for all food and is there consequences/negatives to not having all the ingredients (can't make the meal, the meal is a lower quality, etc?) Canning - I wish was a skill of its own since I could be a terrible cook and still can food but it really isn't a necessity really. I am just glad the jars are not just another decoration. ( feel we need less set dressing and my interact-able items the game). Market Stalls - Are they static like city living, each stall will sell only what maxis programed or are they similar to eco's stalls where player can customize what is being sold?

    Anomaly TenaciousAnomaly TenaciousMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin No its ok, most of my questions are things players often find out when playing the game. Thanks for letting me know about the lots though. Thank goodness we have at least one 64x64 lot.

      Anomaly TenaciousAnomaly TenaciousMês atrás
    • Indeed a 64 by 64 lot has now been confirmed! Just one but better than none . Idk if all ages can interact -- I assumed so but this has not been clarifies. It'd be great if ingredients & quality mattered. It seems maybe this is only if you have lot challenges on? Not sure Great questions sorry I can't be of more help yet

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I figured the animals would be tied to their sheds, babies are tied to their basinets so I really wouldn't expect anything else. While I like the concept of cats and dogs I find the sims I play with are rarely pet owners so the wild bunny and birds that you can befriend but not own sounds up my alley. As to the rest I will wait and see how it makes me feel as more is revealed. I am not super excited for this specific theme, but I always like the addition of new stuff and places for my sims so I am happy about a new world and activities.

    Beth GreenBeth GreenMês atrás
    • It's great to have an open mind, and, I do know it's just not going to appeal to everyone. I do hope they do a nice job with the new activities

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Its kind of disappointing to me that we can't keep the rabbits as pets, and I understand making the cows and lamas attached to a barn, but i wish they'd put in build buy cows/lamas that are objects with a small animation (eating, moving their heads up and down) so we could fill out a small pen and make it look like we had an actual farm with live stock.

    MonicaiscoolMonicaiscoolMês atrás
    • While not a deal breaker for me, I share those feelings. I very much understand the other animals actually but rabbits would have been nice as pets

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • My personal preference does not go to farming. The world looks like a mix between the cats and dogs and the get together one... I mean I'm a builder, I've made farms with only the basegame, i even fake build a tractor, but I feel like nothing they're going to give us will be anything "new" I mean... It has the same vibes as -cats and dogs -get together -nifty knitting -country kitchen If you know how to assemble some objects, BAM you have a farm. It's not like the garden overhaul will really add something different and to me the animals being tied to a shed and not being pets aren't really more interesting than rats and hamsters.... So I'm like... 🤷‍♀️ I don't care? There's no spark, no new vibe... I hope we'll get a new occult soon. I don't care about fairies, I'd prefer to have werevolves, but at least i want something completely new, unexpected, something that re ignites the spark I had for the sims because as of late I haven't puchased much. I got the 90's cas kit and that's it, I haven't brought anything since and I'm not even sure I'll get this expension. Before the kits, I had brought every single packs exept batwho.... Idk i feel like the love i had for the sims is down to embers...

    bitumebitumeMês atrás
    • I think there is a distinction between a New England world and. British one. I personally feel it's a great way to integrate with those packs. But the last pack many thought was exciting and I felt how you feel about this pack. Goes to show a lot of it is up to personal preference Perhaps an occult may come as the Fall pack? That'd be a good time, before Halloween

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • The only thing we didn't get that I wanted were pigs, but I didn't think pigs were necessary I just think they are cute. I did hope and pray WHEN we got a farming pack that we would get Llamas instead of sheep, hoped for bunnies, was positive we would get chickens and hoped we would get cows but NOT horses. I want horses to have their own packs. And thank God for the farm house sink!

    Nic. JohnNic. JohnMês atrás
    • I was hoping for llamas too ha.

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • They probably didn't add horses so they wouldn't have to make the animations of getting on it and riding it. Besides, where would you ride a horse anyways? Around your yard?

    G EG EMês atrás
    • They also have some more info about horses (in my next video). I assume they would have also taken out of the budget & it could have meant less other animals

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Being a farmer should have been like being a freelancer!

    VioletxPurpleVioletxPurpleMês atrás
    • Possibly. Honestly my biggest thing is, I just want things to work well

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Cows & llamas are interactive objects. Just like babies Lol

    Delo DupontDelo DupontMês atrás
    • LOL Well here I honestly don't mind but it's a little amusing put that way

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I was very excited for the pack, now I'm mostly very disappointed. Like no barn for all your animals with stalls and everything, no breeding animals so no little calfs, for cows and llamas by being tied to their shed its basically like genie in a bottle. I'm not a fan of the formula.

    Kieron BondKieron BondMês atrás
    • I;m so sorry you feel that way please know I do nor definitively know about breeding or aging; the Sim Guru did not directly answer so it's just my guess

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I love the fact that cows and llamas will have a large walking area around their sheds and be functional. I can't wait to create my own pasture for a herd of cows!

    Alicia OnlineAlicia OnlineMês atrás
    • Yeah, for the most part I think it makes sense how they made both cows and llamas

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • im hella hyped for this, havent been this hyped since seasons. Im glad the animals wont take up household space especially since cats and dogs aren't controllable anyway

    Kailey W.Kailey W.Mês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin yesss exactly

      Kailey W.Kailey W.Mês atrás
    • Me too. I think it actually would have been pretty limiting if all animals were pets

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I'm so excited for this pack that I REALLY want to play the game after a whole year of ignoring it. But I have so much homework to do, and it's difficult to NOT be distracted xD

    ScreamCheeeseScreamCheeeseMês atrás
    • I feel you! I have job interviews, freelance and well making videos ha but I find myself thinking about this often. Good luck with all your homework

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • All animals are objects. Foxes and rabbits only spawn in these worlds. It’s more coding BS instead of actually fixing things to be functional, like babies.

    Keira SkylerKeira SkylerMês atrás
    • Hmm well there is more to it than that but I can understand being disappointed

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I was really excited about dream home decorator and ended up paying full price for it because I thought it would be work it… never again. If i can wait for a sale and save money I will. The pack was way to glitchy! Im not as excited about this expansion but i do see myself purchasing once its on sale. It looks cute but i expect it to be super glitchy upon release which is all the more reason to wait for fixes before purchasing.

    Fran RosadoFran RosadoMês atrás
    • I do hope it is less glitchy than that one. I'm very excited for the gameplay but you aren't wrong about that

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I feel like I’m the only one who’s not excited about this pack. However I am excited about what this pack COULD be. But I just don’t think it will be good gameplay wise We already have foxes. They move like foxes now which should have been a thing in cats and dogs Rabbits are basically dust bunnies with the whole “they can fetch you royalties” thing and gameplay with them I image will be minimal I imagine the only thing you can do with cows is milk them and it kinda sucks you can’t have a baby cow. I mean how cute would that be?🥺 Grocery shopping? Not really. More like buying from the tables in eco, or Al Salvador Chickens are objects so what can we really do with them besides collect eggs and get sick. (Reminds me of hamsters since their both objects pretending to be pets and cause death) There’s more men’s outfits. Which is great but should we really need to buy a pack for gender equality? Birds. Amazing! Should be base game tho, I kinda can’t believe that it’s not base game it’s so simple. Or even in perfect patio when we got the bird feeders but the birds don’t actually do much Llamas, I’m excited for All in all everything seems just recycled with minimal effort. And almost all of this should be base game or at least be in cats and dogs. I can’t believe after 7 years we ONLY have cats a dogs. It shouldn’t have taken this long and to make us pay $40 for it?✋🏽 their just giving us the BARE minimum here and we’re all excited for something that should have been here years ago

    Mckenna VanormanMckenna VanormanMês atrás
    • You aren't, and that is ok. 1- Foxes weren't true foxes. These will behave differently, have unique interactions and new animations 2- I don't agree because they're going to have unique abilities. Sure friending them is similar but not seeing it I don't know what you mean by gender equality in sims, but I would as always love to see more CAS for all ages and genders I disagree with it being minimal effort, but that's okay. I tend to also think things have more to do with budget. To each their own

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Just realized, the cute couple we see for like a second in the trailer, they remind me of Jinora and Kai from LOK

    Jory KaisermanJory KaisermanMês atrás
    • I'll have to look them up ha

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I keep on thinking about the REDACTED tweet because we haven’t seen what they mean by that yet. “You know that [REDACTED] only works if you are playing with [REDACTED] sims and the new [REDACTED].” I’m still holding onto hope that you befriend a bunny and it takes you to the fairy mystical world. Do you think they’d do that?

    Natalie DNatalie DMês atrás
    • Sadly just last night it had been confirmed that no new occults are coming with this pack

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Hi Erin Thanks for all of the videos and all the hard work you do in putting them together. Hope you're having a good day, and as always take as much time as you need making these videos. No hurry. I'm sure there will be a horse mod made from the llamas or the cows. I have a feeling the cc for this game will be wonderful for those who want to use and can it. Can't wait for the livestream so we can learn more about this EP and how the majority of things work. I am cautiously optimistic about this pack. So much of it looks and sounds amazing, but there are some things that seem to fall short and some missed opportunities. Overall I think it will be a nice pack and it's good to see people excited about TS4 again.

    Addicted ToTheWrittenWordAddicted ToTheWrittenWordMês atrás
    • So thank you for this. I so appreciate it :) I do definitely think there are mods already but also mods to come Yeah I wonder when the livestream will be For me. too...really is actually exciting me

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I am so excited to get this pack for my birthday next month! I think this world may have more big lots than usual because I think the livestock shed and chicken coop will take up a lot of room, plus you'll want room to grow all your veggies too!

    missDoubleU1missDoubleU1Mês atrás
    • Happy Early Birthday! I know we have one 64 by 64 lot not sure of the rest!

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I would love to see functional microwaves above stoves. I wanted it since the Sims franchise began in 2000. What do you think Simmer Erin? #SimsVeteran

    Joseph SiskJoseph SiskMês atrás
    • @Simmer Erin True. I'm surprised The Sims franchise (the producers) have not done that already. Most houses have those--especially current ones. I have that in my house. It's a space saver for sure.

      Joseph SiskJoseph SiskMês atrás
    • Well I tend to focus a lot more on gp than bb, so I have not thought of it. But as someone who has an above the stove microwave it does seem an odd omission. lol

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • One thing I'm intrigued with is that Tree that is included if you buy by 9/2...there is this tiny door at the base....I still just feel they are due for a hidden world.

    Kathy LindlKathy LindlMês atrás
    • Could be!

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Hoping for at least one 64 by 64 lot it wouldn't look good the have thing like cows on a 20 by 15 lot like the swimming area

    David CTDavid CTMês atrás
    • one 64 by 64 has been confirmed! don't know about the rest yet

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I wonder if the bunnies will be like the rodents in My First Pet. They don't take up a spot in the family. Though since you can buy homes for the bunnies and place them in your lot, I wonder if you will have the option to dress them in a couple of outfits - that could potentially explain the bunny's outfits.

    TR3205TR3205Mês atrás
    • It sounds like no. See with those you owned them-- these you can befriend. Though there is that ability to add a home? So idk what that means The outfit idk. could also be a trailer thing?

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • I'm so disappointed we can't have bunnies as domestic pets or customize them in CAS. I was even ok with not having a horse, cuz i really thought they would be pets. aaaa

    chorchorMês atrás
    • I can understand almost all of them as they are, but bunnies would have been nice I think

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • tbh i want werewolves more than fairies

    leon mossleon mossMês atrás
    • Idk, but looks as though neither are coming. Maybe will be in Fall?

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • it really sucks that you can’t have bunnies as pets :((

    Zainab Nasiba Mkhabele.Zainab Nasiba Mkhabele.Mês atrás
    • So while not a deal breaker for me ngl I 'm a little disappointed

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Im excited for the little things like kids helping cook and picnics and groceries..I just wish the picnics could be put on the ground as well…we could have like a beach picnics etc .. i’m guessing that they can’t be put on the ground because they emphasize table so many times… But I’m still happy about it. Excited to learn more.

    Tamara DeyTamara DeyMês atrás
    • Oh I do hope it isn't limited to tables! But you may be right

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Perhaps you can sell ingredient items on a retail lot?

    Ashley HanksAshley HanksMês atrás
    • I hope so! No word on that yet

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Erin, here's a question. Will sims 4 pets be able to interact with these wondering animals whether it be with negative reactions or positive?

    HIgh FiveHIgh FiveMês atrás
    • I have no idea but I certainly hope so and will keep my eyes out

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás
  • Maybe a little bit bigger lot sizes to accommodate a house as well as farm areas?

    Hayley IrvineHayley IrvineMês atrás
    • I do know there is one 64 by 64 lot. I'll be curious to see other sizes

      Simmer ErinSimmer ErinMês atrás