ranking all the packs in the sims 4

10 Abr 2021
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  • I just got cottage living and GUYS you have to get it it’s super funnn! By far one of the best, especially bc there’s so much to do

    QueenCoolJewelQueenCoolJewel3 horas atrás
  • I bought get to work first. The only thing I like about it is the baking

    Ellie’s AnimationEllie’s Animation4 horas atrás
  • @Lilsimsie, are you going to update this with the new packs?

    Therese LjungTherese LjungDia atrás
  • I currently have cats and dogs, island living, dream home decor and my first pet stuff. In September I’ll have enough money to make some more purchases so I’ll be buying: cottage living, seasons and parenthood and laundry . Around Christmas I’ll be buying get together, eco lifestyle and vampires/tiny living (all once on sale apart from cottage living which I’m ok to pay full price for as my mum is buying it for me as a birthday present) I personally love occult’s I think they’re quite fun to play with , I played realm of magic on my old Microsoft account and it was my favourite ever)

    The SunnybeeThe Sunnybee2 dias atrás
  • This video made me come to the conclusion that I need to just pick a simps pack and stop watching BRbaby videos about it 😂😂

    Angie CatsAngie Cats3 dias atrás
  • Well I pirated the game so I get it free

    Boxin' AroundBoxin' Around3 dias atrás
  • Howany doors do you have

    Boxin' AroundBoxin' Around3 dias atrás
  • Ok guys, should I buy get together and cottage living OR dine out, parenthood and cottage living?

    👁👄👁 🥵👁👄👁 🥵3 dias atrás
  • Didn't say why Batuu was bad... so yeah....

    TheDarkKnightRobinTheDarkKnightRobin3 dias atrás
  • Not me buying the snow escape rn bc you built lots on it, that’s sick!!!

    Clair MatthewsClair Matthews3 dias atrás
  • get to work it should be in top. you working like irl its a nice feeling.

    Παντελής ΧΠαντελής Χ4 dias atrás
  • My favourite pack so far is Snowy Escape, because I am a weeb and I nearly had a heart attack seeing all the Japanese inspired stuff.

    KokoroKokoro4 dias atrás
  • I literally bought the strangeville pack just for the military career

    Jim 16Jim 165 dias atrás
  • me loving spooky stuff 🌞🌞

    gwendolyn petersgwendolyn peters5 dias atrás
  • “…you have to get seasons…” My mind: :DDD My wallet: Damn youuu

    JessetheSlayer13542JessetheSlayer135426 dias atrás
  • I don't know anything about sims but want to build stardew valley into sims Which pack should I get?

    Talha AhsenTalha Ahsen7 dias atrás
  • guys which expansion pack should i get i can’t decide

    Chloe CuteChloe Cute7 dias atrás
    • City living or seasons

      DanDan4 dias atrás
  • I think it’s so awesome she got to build some of the lots in Snowy Escape!

    Summer Joy BeaulieuSummer Joy Beaulieu8 dias atrás
  • Of course these mundane things are the top voted! Mundane things and normal things are an accurate representation of life and the sims is supposed to be a life simulator! I feel like people forget that what can makes the sims good is just an accurate life simulator and these packs added that!

    Wouter Van NuetenWouter Van Nueten8 dias atrás
  • Привет как дела с нашим логотипо Самира хорошо что вы с 🎶🎵💡🔎🖥️💾📕📖💹📥📥📆📉 не будет в офисе и у меня не будет хватать это,

    Илья КонстантиновИлья Константинов8 dias atrás
  • I remember when batuu pack came out and I went to my brother (big star wars fan)and show him the trailer and a gameplay, after that he tell me that was horrible and I laughed a LOT 😂I never expected that kind of reaction.(not to offend the people who worked on that pack but … I mean seriously 😐)

    Sofía RuenesSofía Ruenes9 dias atrás
  • … is strangervill inspired by strangers things?

    ms.fr0ppyms.fr0ppy9 dias atrás
  • Wait there is a free hot tub in the base game?? Why have I never seen it? Is it the one with the roof? 👀

    rosalie_oliviarosalie_olivia9 dias atrás
  • Honestly I LOVE occults, I honestly want a hybrid occult (where you can make fauns and such). But personally for island living I'd have to agree. I love that there is another occult + the world is beautiful! But you can freely make your sim a mermaid with just 500 satisfaction points, and then you can get rid of it easily? Plus you get the occult, you try the powers out, cool. But now what? I wish mermaids would have been like vampires and witches to where you'd have to earn your powers slowly, I didn't like how it was basically all handed to you. It takes the fun out of the occult. But I do like how the tails look!

    queen kasenjiaqueen kasenjia9 dias atrás
  • i want some expension packs so bad but i dont have money to spend on this kind of stuff

    kk9 dias atrás
  • Me watching the world ranking: yes, yes, yes, agree with everything except for Britechester Me watching this ranking: I have never been more upset about a ranking lol I agree with maybe 5 placements here, and that includes the base game, seasons and batuu, but the rest made me scream. But I guess that just shows that it's actually good to have such a big variety of packs, I actually use wellness, spooky stuff, luxury party and outdoor living in basically every house, but I almost never play with kids so I don't need any of the kids packs. This was a cool video though despite it making my blood boil haha

    Alessa HampelAlessa Hampel10 dias atrás
  • lol bc of your love it list i got all the things you liked- seasons, got it,paranormal stuff, got it and lastly parenthood ,got it!

    My Smelly footMy Smelly foot10 dias atrás
  • You should try and do a rags to riches with the wishing well from romantic garden stuff pack

    Brenden KBrenden K10 dias atrás
  • Thanks! This was so helpful its my birthday soon and I was thinking on treating myself on some packs

    Chxclate_BiscxitChxclate_Biscxit10 dias atrás
  • The first pack i got was the cats and dogs. Because I am an animal lover and I needed a Welsh Springer Spaniel and a chateaux in my life.

    Genesis TitaniumGenesis Titanium11 dias atrás
  • "The Sims 4's biggest problem is that The Sims 3 exists ..." - Kevin Vanord

    Joseph BurnsJoseph Burns11 dias atrás
  • Me just sitting here counting my money..

    TheLazyGamer !TheLazyGamer !11 dias atrás
  • I would buy packs but I'm no longer buying for a game that keeps breaking. Sims is pretty bad really.

    Cola JulyCola July11 dias atrás
  • kinda awkward how like, most of these dlcs should be in the base game lmao

    JennyJenny11 dias atrás
    • @AbrieK4 seasons especially. Like how tf can they call it a life simulator without seasons lol

      JennyJenny7 horas atrás
    • YEAH like cats and dogs or seasons should be just normal features???

      AbrieK4AbrieK42 dias atrás
  • I dont have the chance to choose or decide wat pack is the best to buy. My mom is litterly so obsessed with this game and pretty much buys everysingle pack that comes up' i feel like cottage living is going to be my fav so far in my opinion.

    NT NaturaNT Natura11 dias atrás
  • The one thing I really wish they kept in Sims 4 from Sims 3 is being able to go into any of the worlds straight away when starting a new game without first having to build a sim and place them in the world

    Jamie DeeringJamie Deering11 dias atrás
    • I just randomize a sim and their traits and delete them afterwards so I can go to any world and build something lol

      Gerg ButterGerg Butter4 dias atrás
  • Omg im so happy i found this channel! you have such nice skin & hair also haha

    genhiscox.mp4genhiscox.mp412 dias atrás
  • Just bought 8 packs ahhh

    BratzdollBehiBratzdollBehi12 dias atrás
  • I'm here for censoring B*tuu

    Ashley MeijerAshley Meijer13 dias atrás
  • "$40 game" *cries in Canadian. Expansion packs are $52 here

    Ashley MeijerAshley Meijer13 dias atrás
  • i never play in Del Sol Vally, but i feel like half of my households end up with the acting career or being famous in some way. i know acting is repetitive, but i enjoy it a bunch! especially auditioning and prep :)

    Crow LadyCrow Lady13 dias atrás
    • Am I the only one who plays someone famous in del sol valley

      WEIRD OOdee121WEIRD OOdee12112 dias atrás
  • i totally agree, i think i use get together more than a lot of the other packs. i love going to clubs with dance floors, and i always give my sims clubs. most of the time the club is just a group of friends, but it makes me keep my Sims in touch with their friends. I think I'm about to start a game with a dance group sort of thing kind of similar to like a K-pop group but I'm not really into K-pop so I don't really know if that would be the best way to describe it.

    Crow LadyCrow Lady13 dias atrás
  • Although i would like a world for seasons and I think it should have been bg, it didn’t rlly need a world. It came with so much CAS and build items, the calendar system was amazing, and more gameplay options. After all, what would they make the world like if it were based off seasons? The whole world has seasons so it’d be hard to pinpoint a inspiration.

    Radiant Carefree DreamyRadiant Carefree Dreamy13 dias atrás
  • ok in my opinion the stuff in the seasons pack should be base game

    delaneydelaney14 dias atrás
    • @Dwight Manne agree

      delaneydelaney4 dias atrás
    • Everything should be base game

      Dwight ManneDwight Manne11 dias atrás
  • The last time I played sims was super old ps2 era, but I enjoy seeing you talk so knowledgeable and passionately about the sims

    29may199629may199614 dias atrás
  • kayla calling death by rat poison exciting 💀

    RubiRubi14 dias atrás
  • theres an online dating mod !! its amazing you can go on blind dates and chat rooms and stuff

    poppy rackleypoppy rackley15 dias atrás
    • I read your name as poopy rack...

      Dwight ManneDwight Manne11 dias atrás
  • University was pretty fun. Except for when you cheated and bought an oven for your dorm and your roommates would move out because their needs weren't being met or some BS. Lol wot.

    Kruci.Kruci.15 dias atrás
  • i agree with my first pet stuff BUT they have one nightstand and its circular and i would like it if it had more colors

    Angie P.Angie P.15 dias atrás
  • Thank you so much for the video I wanted to get an expansion pack for the sims 4 and couldn’t decide and you helped with that decision

    fluffy the tigerfluffy the tiger15 dias atrás
  • Ты бесишь своими бессмысленными видео

    ander ffander ff16 dias atrás
  • 11:10

    ʚ Grqce ɞʚ Grqce ɞ16 dias atrás
  • Lol Journey To Batuu was my first pack I got with the game for a discounted price, prob should have went with the digital deluxe bundle instead LOL but I love star wars so not complaining, of course I would never get it for full price.

    PatchesPatches16 dias atrás
  • strangerville was amazing as a base game world back when sims 2 was around, so I remember seeing the strangerville pack and being so excited, but after like the first couple of days I never used it again

    Tate ZimmermanTate Zimmerman17 dias atrás
  • ughh now I dont know what expansion pack to get cause I already have seasons and I was planning on waiting for cottage living to come out cause I love cottage core and stuff but now I dont knowww

    No YouNo You17 dias atrás
  • nice vid!

    shmurda noobieshmurda noobie17 dias atrás
  • I want to see a pool pack with diving boards, slides, more swimsuits, toys, and more outdoor chairs and whatnot. Maybe even a few more hot tubs. Even sims freeplay had better pool items.

    erinchewyerinchewy17 dias atrás
  • I love seasons to!

    be nice and I'll be nicebe nice and I'll be nice17 dias atrás
  • I was think about getting my first pack,this was useful

    AquaWolf_07AquaWolf_0717 dias atrás
  • Honestly, my ultimate goal is to get everything EXCEPT batuu. Like--absolutely not.

    CasCas17 dias atrás
  • Outdoor Living is indispensable for Rags To Riches type play. Step 1: get a tent and a campfire and live like a hobo until you can afford a house.

    Joseph OarsonJoseph Oarson17 dias atrás
  • Kayla: I think a lot of people were upset that cats and dogs didn’t come with horses Me: there’s a new pack in town for that

    Stella's WorldStella's World18 dias atrás
  • I think Strangerville lors being empty was done on purpose. It’s to make the town sound even stranger

    Nini SkyNini Sky18 dias atrás
  • i disagree sm with strangerville i loved being a scientist and i still very actively explore the world

    Sofia S.Sofia S.18 dias atrás
  • i have no idea how i played before seasons came out

    Sofia S.Sofia S.18 dias atrás
  • Considering i just bought the Witcher 3 with 2 DLC , i find it hard to accept that EA sells seasons as a separate DLC

    RinRin19 dias atrás
  • I like get to work, get together, and tiny living. Top 3

    Strawberri Does ArtStrawberri Does Art19 dias atrás
  • I think you need island living It’s such a good pack

    Archie LoweArchie Lowe19 dias atrás
  • That is how I use get together also

    Rinji Megami StonerMTLPrincessRinji Megami StonerMTLPrincess20 dias atrás
  • I'm glad we can't control the pets. It's hard enough to control the sims already.

    Silvia MotreaSilvia Motrea20 dias atrás
  • Anyone here heard the windinburge song

    Ide NolanIde Nolan20 dias atrás
  • Parenthood shouldve been basegame I literally cannot imagine not playing w it

    Sophia GarthoffSophia Garthoff20 dias atrás
  • the traits and everyday gameplay for outdoor retreat is meh but i kind of love the whole vibe wnd everything

    Sophia GarthoffSophia Garthoff20 dias atrás
  • del sol freaks me out because of how much it looks like la. like it’s exactly like la

    Sophia GarthoffSophia Garthoff20 dias atrás
  • I’m ngl thought butlers were base game

    Roblox gaming FunRoblox gaming Fun21 dia atrás
  • me: would put parenthood into delete category and spa or get to work into need it LMAO

    Evelina ZEvelina Z21 dia atrás
  • I wonder where she ranks Dream Home Decorator and Cottage Living?

    Mike Du PontMike Du Pont21 dia atrás
  • i love journey to batuu it is so awesome!1!

    Lana GirkenaLana Girkena21 dia atrás
  • So thats why the builds from Snowy Escape are so great 😂❤

    Silvia MotreaSilvia Motrea21 dia atrás
  • if i ever buy batuu it will be for two reasons: 1. i am still playing the sims 4 in my adult life and NEED all the packs 2.i miraculously become a world famous sims youtuber and get all the packs for my job.

    ☆talia☆☆talia☆21 dia atrás
  • kayak: i don’t think anyone’s favourite pack is spooky stuff… plumbella: *cries*

    ☆talia☆☆talia☆21 dia atrás
  • me watching this as if i have money to buy any of these stuff :'/ i bought the sims 4 on december 2016 i think im still good, the way since im little i would spend all my christmas money on sims, like for my nintendo and laptop, now im all about do not waste your money, you can live with only the base game

    Yamile SalcedoYamile Salcedo21 dia atrás
  • I agree with all of these EXCEPT Strangerville lmao. I really enjoyed it.

    CH3RRY_P3PS1CH3RRY_P3PS122 dias atrás
  • My issue with tiny living is that all of the lots are too big for the tiny builds so the houses just look ridiculous.

    Anna LynchAnna Lynch22 dias atrás
  • When i have all of the need it packs

    Maki HarukawaMaki Harukawa23 dias atrás
  • Bro I LOVE dine out

    MarracObamaMarracObama23 dias atrás
  • I hate season's and im sad cause i wasted 40€

    MeikäpoikaTVMeikäpoikaTV24 dias atrás
  • the strangerville pack makes me so mad, not because of the world or the builds or anything, its because i find sims while playing, and they end up being a worshipper to the mother plant or whatever it is, like for example my sim currently owns and runs a vet clinic, but when i hired a new employee, i immediately had to fire him because he had gone insane and wouldnt operate on any clients

    mushro0mmushro0m24 dias atrás
  • seasons literally makes this game for me, it just makes every single game more realistic and interesting. any other pack i cant say that for

    M1RANDAM1RANDA24 dias atrás
  • can anyone give me a recommendation for which expansion pack to get next time there’s a sale? right now i have get to work, and cats and dogs. (i do not rlly recommend get to work btw) right now i’m looking into season, get together , eco lifestyle or just waiting for the new cottage pack. i’m also possibly down or get another non expansion pack, if any of them are worth it. please someone give me a recommendation!!

    a Hoea Hoe24 dias atrás
    • @idk_blueand 13 thank you sm!

      a Hoea Hoe23 dias atrás
    • But if you prefer to build and decorate, I recommend eco lifestyle.

      idk_blueand 13idk_blueand 1323 dias atrás
    • If your into family game play I recognize seasons, or parenthood.

      idk_blueand 13idk_blueand 1323 dias atrás
  • imagine having no packs couldn't be me...

    panepane26 dias atrás
    • @pane orgin just had a sale in june, so it’ll probably be awhile till they have another sale. but they usually have sales every couple months or on black friday and christmas.

      a Hoea Hoe24 dias atrás
    • @Skrimpish I have origin.. sims 4

      panepane25 dias atrás
    • Steam is 50% off for all expansions until july 8th

      SkrimpishSkrimpish25 dias atrás
  • Talks so little about clothes, which is why I watched this video. Lil sad :/

    「Dr RentacleTape」「Dr RentacleTape」26 dias atrás
  • I love cool kitchen

    Evie and Liv ASMREvie and Liv ASMR26 dias atrás
  • I have pets and get to work- I’m thinking about getting seasons and maybe parenthood?

    JessicornJessicorn26 dias atrás
    • do it!!! i agree with simsie--getting those two packs totally upgraded my game play

      Taylor StacyTaylor Stacy24 dias atrás
  • I love you!

    Scrim BimScrim Bim27 dias atrás
  • I agree with most of this. I mostly hate occult sims =delete I didn’t even buy the Star Wars pack. You kind of make me want to get paranormal stuff. Get to work is one of my favorite because I’m a scientist. I also love university packs. I don’t play without pets, but I like having them in the game. Dream home decorator is a must have for me.

    Taren LeightonTaren Leighton27 dias atrás
  • I'm relatively new to Sims 4 and was wondering if she went in order of release for these worlds just for the sake of context?

    Zachariah EdmondsonZachariah Edmondson27 dias atrás
  • Okay so if I was raiding this I would rate get to work on could live without it get together I mean if your family player it really helps you out if you've got a large family and you want everyone to show up at once make a club and then every Will show up no matter what time oh and I would install the more club members mod if you have a really big I'm sorry for those people who whose computers can't run mod s or console players that can't even have CC in their game My recommendation for you if you can't have CC in your game Make make a club for each generation like a generation one club a generation two club so on and so forth I would rank city living with could live without to be honest I don't really play an apartment and in my opinion ego lifestyle did a way better job with the apartment sure you have less of them but they are quite a bit better than the city living ones if it wasn't for eco lifestyle and their apartment I would say city living would be in a it depends on the person category cats and dogs I would put in must have it is worth full price unlike some expansion packs seasons another must-have I mean eternal summer isn't very realistic and sure it doesn't come with a new world but it enhances all your other worlds get famous I put at get it when it's on sale because I don't feel like it's worth the full $40

    pokegirl 47pokegirl 4727 dias atrás
    • Sorry I forgot about the other packs for a second island living I put on the same tier as get famous get it on sale I don't feel like it's worth the full price University where every single penny that you're have to pay you get a new world two different universities you can attend you can get scholarships I mean I could go on and on on how good University is Eco lifestyle I like the clothes and some of the objects but really for me it's it's a could live without pack snowy escape I would get it when it's really on sale like I got it for what like 20 bucks when it was on sale after Christmas so it wouldn't pay the full 40 but if it's on sale I would definitely get snowy escape I would say that outdoor retreat is in my opinion is in my opinion the worst game pack I would put it in the don't buy it unless it's the only pack you don't have and you're a completionist Spa day I would say it depends on the person if you're a builder this pack might be for you but if you're an a family player you're not going to use this pack very often and I would say get it when it's on sale dine out that pack is a very glitchy if you don't want a glitches in your game I would not buy this pack sure it works sometimes but you really need mod s to make sure your Sims don't get up from the table and I mean taking a toddler to a restaurant in The Sims 4 is a nightmare so don't get dying out unless you want to run your own restaurant and it has some really nice clothes items so if you're a cast only simmer I would recommend this pack but other than that I wouldn't recommend this pack so I put it in the it depends category vampires if you like supernaturals and Victorian or really like the movies on a vampires and you want to create vampires in the Sims 4 I would definitely recommend the vampires back but if you're scared of vampires I wouldn't recommend this pack Parenthood this this is a must-have pack in my opinion if you are a family player you need to get this pack it adds character values there's a diary that not only kids and teens can write in but also adults can write in the parents get a parenting skill honestly I could go on and on about how parenthood is the best game pack in my opinion jungle adventure a way better pack than outdoor retreat ever was but saying that I would put it in the depends on the person category if you like puzzles adventure and like killing your Sims in different ways I would recommend this pack but if you're an average family player I wouldn't recommend this pack except that it comes with this really cute top that I think some family players would find helpful but other than that it's in it depends on the person category Strangerville I mean it's fun once but then after you do it what's it's kind of a once and done thing I'd say if it's on sale get it but if it's not skip it so I'd say it's in the if it's not on sale category don't get it realm of magic if you are scared of vampires but like witches I would recommend this pack for you there's this new world of it's small but very pretty and then there's this kind of witch hub thing where witches get these little crystal things and when you click on it it says travel to I think it says travel to the which world but I'm not so sure but you can also find this Portal kind of thing near the bar in glimmerbrook and that will also take you to the witch area if you make friends with the witches and you go on this little quest that they have you do they will turn you into a witch at least I think but the easiest way to make a witch is just to make one and create a sim

      pokegirl 47pokegirl 4727 dias atrás
  • Should I get seasons or parenthood?

    TaraTara28 dias atrás
  • The way you pronounce Moschino is actually correct.

    Sailor MarsSailor Mars28 dias atrás