Shadow VS Ryuko (Sonic the Hedgehog VS Kill la Kill) | DEATH BATTLE!

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The duel of ultimate hybrid alien lifeforms! (With similar fashion sense!)

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  • Just one question, why be is ryuko's stomach exposed? That's just kinda dumb and exposing herself to like, a lot of attacks.

    Hee Choon YeoHee Choon Yeo4 horas atrás
  • When life hands you lemons, eat them.

    Trace AntonacciTrace Antonacci10 horas atrás
  • 17:06 Flashpoint music starts playing Lol

    HyperSpeedHyperSpeed13 horas atrás
  • Shadow vs Ryuko: Hedgehog vs his Waifu. Jenuuna Knnight (MUC) vs Stella (MUC): Sassy vs Spoiled

    Daniel FerrieriDaniel FerrieriDia atrás
  • Good, he won, now stop bringing him back

    Danny ParksDanny ParksDia atrás
    • Calm down He’s only been brought back 3 times

      SharpieSharpieDia atrás
    • Why

      Nathan0973Nathan0973Dia atrás
  • tbh i would of expected shadow to win

    Dragon Von AsheDragon Von Ashe2 dias atrás
  • The makers chose lizard first because lizard/dragon but then they thought well that might not look as cool so then they chose hedgehog like hey it’s a unique animal and the spikes on the back like spiky hair i.e. super Saiyan dragon ball Z they were inspired by dragon ball Z LOL yeah

    Isaiah Keene TVIsaiah Keene TV2 dias atrás
  • Everyone gangsta until shadow says shut up

    Geneva WatkinsGeneva Watkins2 dias atrás
  • Hold on. So Death Battle says the Chaos emeralds are planet level now? Where was that in Mario vs. Sonic huh?

    MaxamillionMaxamillion2 dias atrás
    • @Selka Doom I would put super at universal to multi universal but I personally think his base is planetary+ at best.

      Gabriel 1805Gabriel 180515 horas atrás
    • @Gabriel 1805 shadow is way higher then planet level the chaos emeralds are atleast universal together and star level alone

      Selka DoomSelka DoomDia atrás
    • They definitely missed that. I'm probably gonna say because Shadow has more attributes related to the emeralds.

      Gabriel 1805Gabriel 18052 dias atrás
  • Shadow actually won a Death Battle?

    4Horsemen of The Apocalypse4Horsemen of The Apocalypse3 dias atrás
  • Think about this ryouko could have evolved with her golden to some weird gold shipu form

    Eren YeagerEren Yeager3 dias atrás
  • shadow end that like a king

    Ricardo SamuelRicardo Samuel3 dias atrás
  • Ay don't worry Life Fibers fix everything.

    Shriner ManShriner Man3 dias atrás
  • Boy if I see shadow take an L 💀

    Ph0ssilPh0ssil3 dias atrás
    • Good

      Ph0ssilPh0ssil3 dias atrás
  • Lesss go shadow for the win 🏆🏆🏆

    jackolanterjackolanter3 dias atrás
  • But… why??? That’s Shadow’s favorite anime!

    dlausactor6373dlausactor63733 dias atrás
  • I look at this I see homie got a wedding ring and it took me 2 months to notice...

    Caneshia HendersonCaneshia Henderson3 dias atrás
  • Finally. He won... finally

    Lofey !!!Lofey !!!3 dias atrás
  • Who remembers shadow the hedgehog video game 🔥🔥🔥

    Lil DirtLil Dirt3 dias atrás
  • I'm always wrong by who will win. :(

    Pory02Pory024 dias atrás
    • How did you not see shadow winning coming coming just asking Shadow easily stomps Ryuko

      Nathan0973Nathan0973Dia atrás
  • Or silver the hegdehog vs akira?!

    Gracen KeysGracen Keys4 dias atrás
  • Can you do thomas.d cat vs bugs bunny?

    Gracen KeysGracen Keys4 dias atrás
  • Just saying, out running a blackhole is a bit more than the speed of sound...

    OonadaOonada4 dias atrás
  • So the guy who popped his super power first won? Weird.

    OonadaOonada4 dias atrás
  • I’m confused didn’t she dodge those lasers before

    Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • Rip ryuko you will always be the winner and the coolest in my heart ❤️ it hurt me seeing her die 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 she’s in a better place now just like all the other losers also ryuko is the better character fight me death battle is known to be wrong a lot of the times so I’m not gonna let this get to me if there’s ever another kill la kill character they better win

    Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • It's about time my boy Shadow won a Death Battle.

    Black Hair DanteBlack Hair Dante4 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • How you gonna mention Edgelords and leave me out?

    Black Hair DanteBlack Hair Dante4 dias atrás
  • Shadow would’ve never said “I’m the coolest”.

    UsernameUsername4 dias atrás
  • Yes shadow u are cool. And yes shadow won this man is like… untouchable

    Evan ElwinEvan Elwin5 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • Spellbinder vs Kitty Pride

    Corey IngramCorey Ingram5 dias atrás
  • 15:14 Skyrim.. The Slow time shout.. (Ti!)

    HyperHyper5 dias atrás
  • I his sonic is really the faker cause shadow was born before sonic

    Duane GilbertDuane Gilbert5 dias atrás
  • You guys always sound like you've never watched the series you're talking about, just skimmed a wiki article or two. Who tf is Ryuko Muh-toy???

    Offtha GoopOfftha Goop5 dias atrás
  • Didnt watch it yet but it Shadow loses this one, Death Battle has lost all respect for good.

    NoodleNoodle5 dias atrás
    • Did you watch it?

      Random PersonRandom Person5 dias atrás
  • DEATH BATTLE: Chie VS Mako (Persona VS Kill La Kill)

    Pokemon FanPokemon Fan5 dias atrás
  • The point kill la kill is making: *clothes are overrated*

    Doggo JutsuDoggo Jutsu6 dias atrás
  • Oh boy

    JomJom6 dias atrás
  • Darn, I wanted to see Shadow lose a third time but since he’s lost twice already they had to give him a win

    Excalibur ZXExcalibur ZX6 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson k

      Nathan0973Nathan09734 dias atrás
    • Me toooookkkkiokko ryuko did not deserve this

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
    • @Excalibur ZX ok

      Nathan0973Nathan09735 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 those are personally my problems with the character, Heroes and SA2 era he was great but Shadow the Hedgehog kinda ruined the character for me and my reason for not wanting him to be playable in smash since I personally want to see Tails or Eggman or Metal Sonic be playable before Shadow

      Excalibur ZXExcalibur ZX5 dias atrás
  • 17:00 she really tried to pull a vegeta stop it

    YessirskiYessirski6 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • he was trying to edgy.

    JunkclopsJunkclops6 dias atrás
  • Yeah, I don't undewrstand what made anyone think this would be a fight. Sonicverse is ridiculous

    Christian E. Y.Christian E. Y.6 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • Only the Ultimate Lifeform can have the power to kill a Anime Waifu

    Ultraman TigaUltraman Tiga7 dias atrás
  • boo sonic is for kids and weirdos

    Alan EdwardsAlan Edwards7 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson also if shadows a loser so is Ryuko

      Nathan0973Nathan09734 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson because he got debunked kill la kill tard

      Nathan0973Nathan09734 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson its fine bro 😄 we all have opinions

      Tug Turner ReactsTug Turner Reacts4 dias atrás
    • @Tug Turner Reacts sonic fans listen your probably a really good person and I was super upset because my favorite fictional character died to a character I don’t wanna start a war with you my bad if I came off as rude I just was really said that my girl ryuko died

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson and you just prove to me that your a Mario fanboy because if i had a Mario image you wouldn't call me a fanboy but now that i have a sonic image im a sonic fanboy and also i like other things beside Sonic

      Tug Turner ReactsTug Turner Reacts4 dias atrás
  • Ryuko: "You cut me off" Shadow: "Who cares" Ryuko: *Transforms to create roadkill*

    Incog NitoIncog Nito7 dias atrás
  • if i were shadow and saw her transform im asking for an autograph after apologizing

    Incog NitoIncog Nito7 dias atrás
  • i'm just now watching this but i'm gonna comment before seeing this to guess the outcome. shadow wins, doesn't he.

    BlitzBlitz7 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
    • called it. disappointing but predictable.

      BlitzBlitz7 dias atrás
  • I can't believe you guys are still doing this. LEGENDARY!!!

    Big Sweater ManBig Sweater Man7 dias atrás
  • Shadow: *I’ve won.... but at what cost?*

    Apollyon NoctisApollyon Noctis7 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • Wow where you go should have won if it wasn't for Shadows a asspull with the Chaos Emeralds

    Cj CjCj Cj7 dias atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson They also said he wasn’t Light speed

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson They also said the Super form only last 60 seconds when it last more than a week

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson And yes he’s fast enough Shadow has infinite speed

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Sheik Dickerson They did nerf Sonic they said he was planet level He’s multiversal

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Dark in less then a second he would have to cut more then billons o flife fibers also death battle did nit nerf sonic are you just some fanboy

      Sheik DickersonSheik DickersonDia atrás
  • 17:20

    Elias GalindoElias Galindo7 dias atrás
  • Omni-Man (Invincible) vs Homelander (The Boys)!!! Batman (DC Comics) vs Seiya Ryuuguuin (Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious)!!!

    Akash ShettyAkash Shetty8 dias atrás
    • @Crabo Hato Interesting. I've never seen Megamind, but I guess that might be a better fight.

      Akash ShettyAkash Shetty5 dias atrás
    • Omni man and homelander don't mix. Little spoiler, omni man becomes good after having a child with a bug alien. Homelander? He died a coward. I think Titan from megamind would actually fit more better against homelander.

      Crabo HatoCrabo Hato5 dias atrás
  • Dont do it. Dont give people an ad for help with *ahem* "bedtime" after they meet their waifu

    the mega youtuberthe mega youtuber8 dias atrás
  • They should do an anniversary and make the strongest fight

    Nji ZamaNji Zama8 dias atrás
  • i thought shadow would lose damn now i know his stronger than i thought

    Lil boy a TLil boy a T8 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • They really need to do a Mewtwo VS Shadow rematch.

    Gino ArigoGino Arigo8 dias atrás
  • Shadow: I won, I finally won Sonic: Congratulations!!!

    Leo AkoughLeo Akough8 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • Why hadn't load his gun? In fact it's was always show in death battke but was actually never used in death battle. I mean the ultimate lifeform must be always prepared for danger.

    SpiderSaids UniverseSpiderSaids Universe9 dias atrás
  • Death by spoon: Thanks to amnesia, sure. Death by scissors wielded by a character he actually likes: Nope. • L • O • G • I • C•

    Sara VelascoSara Velasco9 dias atrás
  • Shadow wasn't even using his full power.

    dwinters62dwinters629 dias atrás
    • Rip ryuko

      Sheik DickersonSheik Dickerson4 dias atrás
  • They just forgot about the character development of Ryuko and xenketau

    Lava TyrantLava Tyrant9 dias atrás
  • what is the program?

    VinesterpakVinesterpak9 dias atrás
  • "But she's already a teenager" Well, I mean would you want her to not be just to fit the metaphor/theory?

    Lucius ELucius E9 dias atrás
  • Why so many anime characters now have ADHD?

    Mo PMo P9 dias atrás
  • Finally! Someone for Shadow to kill! ...Very surprising, really! XD

    Austin SchnitlerAustin Schnitler9 dias atrás
  • Can we talk about how the death scene actually had booba physics

    ihasnobrainihasnobrain9 dias atrás
    • Omg I just noticed that LMAO

      Nathan0973Nathan09738 dias atrás
  • Remember that time when shadow lost to vegeta I do

    Sean MbuguaSean Mbugua9 dias atrás
  • I just realized that instead of realizing the gun wouldn't do anything, he actually tried to fire it but it was out of ammo.

    SmashgunnerSmashgunner10 dias atrás
  • A weapon that can transform to ECLIPSE THE EARTH!!!! Japanese writers are awesome but psychotic but awesome.

    Mikiel SahagunMikiel Sahagun10 dias atrás
  • Skill issue

    wepfsrwepfsr10 dias atrás
  • this is the 20th time sonic or shadow had to rely on chaos emeralds to win

    Lukas ReichLukas Reich10 dias atrás
    • @MMOHunter54you have point

      Lukas ReichLukas Reich6 dias atrás
    • thats kinda the point of y'know, abilities

      MMOHunter54MMOHunter546 dias atrás
    • not an issue

      Lukas ReichLukas Reich8 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 no

      Lukas ReichLukas Reich8 dias atrás
    • @MR NNC no it isn't just pointing it out

      Lukas ReichLukas Reich8 dias atrás
  • If Shadow goes 0 for 3 I feel like the next battle involving him would have had him just walk up to the enemy and go "Just... just do it."

    Chuck FinleyChuck Finley11 dias atrás
  • Putting any characters against the sonic characters is dumb. Every fight is decided "because Chaos Emerald "

    Caliburn91Caliburn9111 dias atrás
    • @Caliburn91 most sonic characters have lost on db lol

      GrandmasToesGrandmasToes9 dias atrás
    • @Deleto exactly, if that's the case then they win every time and that's boring.

      Caliburn91Caliburn9111 dias atrás
    • I mean the Chaos Emeralds have been stated to have *unlimited power* multiple times what did you expect lol.

      DeletoDeleto11 dias atrás
  • 15:39 when you stop lagging and your opponent's damage kicks in

    doggo enchiladas doggo enchiladas 12 dias atrás
  • shadows first win in 2021

    Nathan O'neillNathan O'neill12 dias atrás
  • The ending is basically "what if the goodguy died in the show."

    Divine ShrekDivine Shrek12 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 Ah.

      Divine ShrekDivine Shrek7 dias atrás
    • @Divine Shrek Ik you’re not but kinda sounded like that

      Nathan0973Nathan09737 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 Didn't say that at all, that's just the vibe I got.

      Divine ShrekDivine Shrek7 dias atrás
    • So are you pretty much saying shadow is a bad guy

      Nathan0973Nathan09738 dias atrás
  • Fan service ?

    Elias FowlerElias Fowler12 dias atrás
  • 16:48 chuck norris vs segata sanshiro Easter egg

    Ruben TorreseRuben Torrese13 dias atrás
  • Dude what

    Donkey Kong GamingDonkey Kong Gaming13 dias atrás
    • @Donkey Kong Gaming have a good life man

      Nathan0973Nathan097311 dias atrás
    • @Donkey Kong Gaming Ryuko's regeneration is reliant on her life fibers regenerating faster than they can be cut. Shadow can slice through her life fibers before she can blink. So no, she is not immortal.

      DeletoDeleto11 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 not arguing, just thought that was funny. Have a good day man.

      Donkey Kong GamingDonkey Kong Gaming11 dias atrás
    • @Donkey Kong Gaming okay can we stop arguing now

      Nathan0973Nathan097311 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 lol

      Donkey Kong GamingDonkey Kong Gaming11 dias atrás
  • Well I honestly couldn't see her being faster than him since he can move faster than light so I didn't think he would lose.

    MegaGreenkirbyMegaGreenkirby13 dias atrás
    • @Clay Bussell I would also like to add that Sonic was running out of space to run when the black hole started.

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Clay Bussell Your wrong because in sonic colors the black hole he was running from isn’t a real black hole it’s hypergon energy.Second Sonic has infinite speed because of Sonic generations where tails said when sonic runs he restore time and space.

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Dark he has never proven that he's faster than light. If the guides were correct then he should've been faster than the black hole. And no there has never been any case where he has infinite speed besides the Archie comics which aren't canon to the games

      Clay BussellClay BussellDia atrás
    • @Clay Bussell Sonic him self says he’s faster then light and there’s multiple guides that say he’s faster then light.Sonic has infinite speed.I thought people would know by now it’s been 20 years

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @GrandmasToes no it doesn't say he's faster than light. It only describes him as Hyper sonic. Also I never said Death Battle mentioned that feat. But if you do the calculation to find the speed of that feat it comes out to the same speed

      Clay BussellClay Bussell6 dias atrás
  • Oleee!! VIVA SHADOW!! ❤❤ :)

    AMPOSIAMPOSI13 dias atrás
  • Whopper whopper

    Supermeatballs BrosSupermeatballs Bros13 dias atrás
  • These seem so short nowadays.

    animagreedanimagreed13 dias atrás
  • Judging by these calculations Shadow should have blitzed Mewtwo and called it a day. Although I can't remember how fast Mewtwo was

    Fantom PhoenixFantom Phoenix13 dias atrás
    • @Clay Bussell Idiot.Infinite is multiversal because he’s the strongest sonic villain.Erazor Djinn is multiversal because he absorbed the power of 1001 universes.And Shadow didn’t need help to defeat Solaris.This is a common misunderstanding Shadow Sonic and Silver all fought Solaris on there own.They fought him in past present future.The only way to truly destroy Solaris is to fight him past present future.They did not help each other also Solaris was said to be a higher dimensional being so you could say that since Sonic hurt Solaris and defeated him he’s 4D or 5D

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Dark no one infinite wasn't multiversle there is no proof of that. Shadow never fought Solaris on his own he literally fought it with sonic and silver. And they couldn't kill Solaris thus the whole point of the princess's seal. And there is no proof that erazor djinn was multiversle.

      Clay BussellClay BussellDia atrás
    • @Clay Bussell And Sonic defeated Erazor Djinn who is multiversal

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Clay Bussell I would like too add that shadow fought Solaris on his own.

      DarkDarkDia atrás
    • @Clay Bussell It was said that they could beat Solaris but not fully they needed the princess to seal him away.Also infinite was said to be the strongest sonic villain so base sonic multiversal

      DarkDarkDia atrás
  • I'm the coolest *And in one phrase Shadows reputation was ruined*

    Fantom PhoenixFantom Phoenix13 dias atrás
    • @Fantom Phoenix •_•

      Nathan0973Nathan097310 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 It makes his personality less appealing when he has to flat out say it I find.

      Fantom PhoenixFantom Phoenix13 dias atrás
    • He has a right to say that after all he’s telling the truth

      Nathan0973Nathan097313 dias atrás
  • finally they made a shadow more faithful to the original

    BlastGardenBlastGarden14 dias atrás
  • Technically Ryuko wins.

    Hanzo MainHanzo Main14 dias atrás
    • No she doesn't

      Clay BussellClay Bussell12 dias atrás
    • no

      DeletoDeleto14 dias atrás
    • How

      Nathan0973Nathan097314 dias atrás
  • They should have trunks vs her this way she can see what a real ssj can do

    andrew champouxandrew champoux14 dias atrás
  • *Edgy Hedgy* vs SuperHuman with magic yarn powers and scissors? I didn't pay attention...

    SolesteamSolesteam14 dias atrás
  • Alright finally shadow won.... we can stop matching him up with other people like vegeta please

    William RomkeeWilliam Romkee14 dias atrás
  • YES

    RDDchickenRDDchicken14 dias atrás
  • Ryuko is so weak dieing to a sonic character is a little embarrassing because she turned into 2 forms and even with her 2nd form which is still powerful she still died by a chaos blast lol so i guess she didnt have that much strength to take down him shadow did her brutal by that chaos blast lol

    PG3D gamingPG3D gaming15 dias atrás
    • People keep forgetting that Super forms in Sonic are disgustingly powerful, and the only way that those characters can be taken down at that point is when their super forms drop. It’s kinda hilarious

      ResoluteResolute11 dias atrás
  • Technically every sonic character that was on death battle won like (sonic vs mario) ( part 1) tails, eggman and metal sonic (shadow vs ryuko) amy, except for knuckles

    PG3D gamingPG3D gaming15 dias atrás
  • I can relate

    Jenna GumbrechtJenna Gumbrecht15 dias atrás
  • The cloudy buzzard minimally scrape because debtor proximally bleach from a psychedelic number. electric, rotten zinc

    Anthony hauAnthony hau15 dias atrás
  • Shadow called Ryuko faker. Now he knows how Sonic felt.😅

    Anorak CosplaysAnorak Cosplays15 dias atrás
  • Alternate Title: Battle of the Edgies

    GumbaverianXGumbaverianX16 dias atrás
  • Death battle idea: a Nokia 3310 vs whatever kind of calculator you guys use.

    Nerd_ #4,137.Nerd_ #4,137.16 dias atrás
  • Who wins anime clothing or a comic hedgehog that don’t die and goes across multiverses?? This isn’t a fight. More like a beat down

    Shiny GardevoirShiny Gardevoir16 dias atrás
  • Bruh.... Reading comments just to find out a stupid little hedgehog won Disappointing. Not even gonna watch.

    TheRealSyraiTheRealSyrai17 dias atrás
    • @TheRealSyrai also I was a good fight I recommend that you should watch and just ignore that fanboy inside you

      Nathan0973Nathan097313 dias atrás
    • "this death battle is wrong, but im not gonna a give any arguments why, it just is" stfu

      ㅤ15 dias atrás
    • Little salty there bud

      DeletoDeleto16 dias atrás
    • @TheRealSyrai it does make sense

      Nathan0973Nathan097316 dias atrás
    • @Nathan0973 Ergo, the fight doesn't even matter or make sense

      TheRealSyraiTheRealSyrai16 dias atrás