The Sims 4 - Farmland (Mod Pack - Trailer)

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After 6 long months of development, I am finally ready to welcome you to Eden Hills, the new giant semi-open world in The Sims 4 Farmland! Discover Geroge's story and build the biggest farm you could ever dream of...

DOWNLOAD FARMLAND NOW (Early Access) on Patreon:

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The Gameplay walkthrough video should be up next week! Get ready!
Sending you Lots of Love! And happy farming!


  • The Patreon link seems to be down for some of you! Here is the new one : Hey friends! I'm so happy to finally release this mod! Although, you might have heard that the official Sims 4 Team is releasing a trailer on Thursday, and it could be an official farming pack. It's ok if there are two of them, I am sure they would be different in many ways and it just means that you get even MORE farming content after waiting for all these years! How cool is that? I hope that you will enjoy Farmland and that it will provide you with many hours of fun and playtime... Sending Lots of Love! Arnie

    Arnie - The Sims PlusArnie - The Sims PlusMês atrás
    • Could you please make your mod available for public release? It's been over two weeks since it was released and the post with the link to download the mod is still locked on Patreon.

      Kevin HicksKevin Hicks21 dia atrás
    • Ok

      Steph SnowSteph SnowMês atrás
    • Jesus loves you all personally have a nice day:)

      AwesomeFaithAwesomeFaithMês atrás
    • i rather be excited with your pack rather than ea official pack. coz normally it sucks

      Endrance MackenzieEndrance MackenzieMês atrás
    • Hello Arnie .... so, are you basically created a Sims 4 world (Eden Hill) into a mod? Cuz i never heard someone created a world mod before Also excited for it. Also I think giving public access 2 week after early access is too soon, it should be 30 days after early access to be fair.

      Slice of LifeSlice of LifeMês atrás
  • If i sign up as a supporter will i be able to download this mod?

    Jennifer RobinsonJennifer Robinson2 horas atrás
  • This is amazing but when I installed it I don't get an option to go to the bank or city hall. It's not even there. The market and the horse ranch is.

    ClarissaClarissa9 horas atrás
  • They really upped us

    mooglemaniamooglemania22 horas atrás
  • Does anyone know if this mod works with the new cottage living pack? Beautiful trailer btw! ❤️

    kaitlynkaitlynDia atrás
  • How precious is this trailer? I got the feels! Aw such a beautiful story and presentation 💜

    OluwashegzOluwashegzDia atrás
  • Why did you make me sad What's the point of that you didn't have to do that

    Cipher KirbyCipher Kirby2 dias atrás
  • I cannot find the link on your website to download this mod do i have to become a patreon?

    Katie LangeKatie Lange2 dias atrás
  • Wait does anyone know when the mod is out for free?

    EmmyEmmy6 dias atrás
  • will this work with cottage living?

    SofiachanSofiachan8 dias atrás
  • Who is cutting onions right now ? 😭

    Marie WrzodekMarie Wrzodek8 dias atrás
  • Cottage living who? jfc man you've earned a Patreon supporter.

    HiddenInTheLightHiddenInTheLight10 dias atrás
  • will it be compatible with the new expansion?

    XsauroxGamerXsauroxGamer10 dias atrás
  • Wow omg it touched my heart 😢

    SabrinaSabrina18 dias atrás
  • You copied sims4

    Qxssy Crazy worldQxssy Crazy world20 dias atrás
  • When public release?

    Elżbieta KubisiakElżbieta Kubisiak22 dias atrás
    • it was suppose to be a few days ago (he said 2 weeks after the patron release) but hasn't happened yet :(

      IceIce21 dia atrás
    • Oh nvm it’s not lol you need Patreon to get it right now

      Ionlywatch ArtvideosIonlywatch Artvideos22 dias atrás
    • It’s already out

      Ionlywatch ArtvideosIonlywatch Artvideos22 dias atrás
  • I got this mod yesterday and love it

    Tajmah SpencerTajmah Spencer25 dias atrás
    • where did you get it? the link doesnt seem to be working.

      Oluwasegun AvielaOluwasegun AvielaDia atrás

    Danute JavtusenkaiteDanute Javtusenkaite26 dias atrás
  • Ok, everything looks great except that "horse." You can obviously see that's a dog's body. The head is all wrong. It probably barks instead of neighs. Good job otherwise tho.

    NeneNene28 dias atrás
  • This story made me shed a tear. You are so talented..... Thanks so much for bringing the world this.

    Zahnri van ZylZahnri van Zyl28 dias atrás
  • i cant pay for patreon for early access, when will it be free to download for everyone? pls answer! :))

    Shilat BitonShilat Biton28 dias atrás
  • 😭 this is so sad

    Mason WilsonMason Wilson28 dias atrás
  • Why did this trailer make me tear up at work lol? I can't wait to subscribe to your Patreon and support this project! Great job!

    floweryroses95floweryroses9529 dias atrás
  • will there be translations included?

    Marie J.Marie J.Mês atrás
  • So good! Now I will go and watch UP

    Ulve GuttenUlve GuttenMês atrás
  • Put Arnie in charge of Sims 4 packs please and trailers as well cause this was just beautiful!

    BigBrotherDramaBigBrotherDramaMês atrás
  • amaankhan_03

    itzz_ammu__07itzz_ammu__07Mês atrás
  • I know I'm a bit late but when is it coming out for everyone?

    xSimNoodlexxSimNoodlexMês atrás

    Maskarado BRMaskarado BRMês atrás
    • No

      dave dude is back in the game but they never leftdave dude is back in the game but they never left22 dias atrás
  • Did you guys checked the new trailer?

    YouTube ChartsYouTube ChartsMês atrás
  • Wait. Wait. Wait...Wait a second. Is this a Pixar Movie? I am so filled with emotion.

    Mel M.Mel M.Mês atrás
  • when will it be available to the public????

    Carla SinasweeCarla SinasweeMês atrás
    • forget my last statement it came out on June 24th for early access and will be released on July 8th

      Candy queen Candy QueenCandy queen Candy Queen29 dias atrás
    • I think it launched June 25th and it'll be two weeks after so I think on July 9th

      Candy queen Candy QueenCandy queen Candy Queen29 dias atrás
  • It's a trailer that's very well made. It's warm and classy and makes me really want to play.

    KIZ ZillaKIZ ZillaMês atrás
  • Precioso el tráiler ❤️😍

    santy romanovsanty romanovMês atrás
  • 2:29 Is reference from movie called the"Up"?

    MrNiksuMrNiksuMês atrás
  • Not that it's a competition, but this trailer blew EA's out of the water. You took me on an emotional journey in 3 minutes. Arnie, how can you be this talented?

    misstoriousmisstoriousMês atrás
  • Mod aside, that video was so beautiful. Why you have to go and make me all emotional like that!? Screw EA, I'd rather give you my money. This is fantastic.

    Bee&BearBee&BearMês atrás
  • Why hasn't the Sims hired this guy to help with the game. This is exactly what Simmers are hoping for! Arnie, you have incredible skills!

    Tatiana ReavesTatiana ReavesMês atrás
  • The end is like up💔💔💔

    Arielle BendrorArielle BendrorMês atrás
  • Anyone else noticed he took scenes for the animation movie up to make this trailer??

    Simply ChelseaSimply ChelseaMês atrás

    Amanda BarrosAmanda BarrosMês atrás
  • A New World???? Wow actually everything's looking New and Amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Derya Kinaci DincerDerya Kinaci DincerMês atrás
  • Congratulations it's so nice

    Natalia Planes BracoNatalia Planes BracoMês atrás
  • that UP reference.

    Genesis SerrobGenesis SerrobMês atrás
  • I was waiting for the narrator to say “I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams”

    Alicia JamesAlicia JamesMês atrás
  • Well, after this mod trailer uploaded, EA also uploaded the similar mode😱

    Bisnis 01Bisnis 01Mês atrás
  • This gives me so many mixed feelings. Firstly I wanna say, I love what you're doing, I wholeheartedly love it. But the fact that just one person, a fan, doing this for free, is able to make a much more enticing farm experience than a whole team of people being paid for going the same is jarring. I am not a Maxis hater, I try to be forgiving to them, but this proves everyone's point, they do less than the bare minimum and charge you full price, they should reconsider their take on the Sims franchise if they don't want it to end. And with Paralives around the corner, things will only get worse for them.

    Emilio CéspedesEmilio CéspedesMês atrás
  • Provavelmente ninguém vá entender meu comentário, mas que coisa linda cara, estou ansiosa para ter esse mod

    Ana HellenAna HellenMês atrás
  • This guy making a mod pack about farming, Origin a month later, SOON NEW FARMING BASED DLC!!!

    Eniz AyyildizEniz AyyildizMês atrás
  • the story line made me cry! it was so beautiful

    Adore LaAdore LaMês atrás
  • 😭😭😭😭 why was this so good

    Asia KhangAsia KhangMês atrás
  • This makes me happy on SO many levels PLUS he sounds SO much like MORGAN FREEMAN 🥰

    ZanobiaPlays TheSims4ZanobiaPlays TheSims4Mês atrás
  • alright so... when brook heights link back up?

    DracoAtomDracoAtomMês atrás
  • Became a townie over on your patreon assap to get early acess when i saw this! amazing work, i wanted to cry when i saw this....

    Ettena ErikaEttena ErikaMês atrás
  • * A random modder adds farming to the game * EA: We're about to end this man's whole career.

    HarmonyBunnyHarmonyBunnyMês atrás
  • The Sims 4 finally pack 😭

    orçun palaorçun palaMês atrás
  • Of course it's not an actual mod pack. Anything we actually want never gets implemented. If it does it's like 10 years later or not done right and missing ALOT.

    MsLitaMsLitaMês atrás
  • OMG I want this so bad!!! :D

    Lori WannamakerLori WannamakerMês atrás
  • You make me cry i will upload that beautyfull mód💚💚💚

    Alairë ElfAlairë ElfMês atrás
  • The sims team should be embarrassed at this point 😭🖐🏽 this is so good ong

    NephyoNephyoMês atrás
  • Soooo . . . UP the movie but Sims Version?! 👀

    NeekaRae29NeekaRae29Mês atrás
  • Est-ce qu'il est gratuit ?

    Jade Guillot JeanneJade Guillot JeanneMês atrás
  • This trailer got me so emotional! And at least now you can say officially that EA is intimidated by you; that farmpack release of theirs cannot be a coincidence lol

    S CS CMês atrás
  • So beautifully told

    Priscilla BPriscilla BMês atrás

    amelia henryamelia henryMês atrás
  • more than great

    Banen fadelBanen fadelMês atrás
  • Amazing! Well done Arnie this is incredible work, the trailer made me cry lol

    H LH LMês atrás
  • How can I download this mod?

    Ana AcostaAna AcostaMês atrás
  • I cried when the barn burned down with the animals. Beautiful video and mod 💝🥰👌

    Jamie HebertJamie HebertMês atrás
  • This is the best thing I have ever seen...

    Stregha's CornerStregha's CornerMês atrás
  • Immmm cryinggggggggggg

    dilara ddilara dMês atrás
  • could you put the brook heights link back up ?

    cayson colliercayson collierMês atrás
  • This is amazing! So much hard work, wow! I can't 😭😭😭🙌🏽

    Camila DanCamila DanMês atrás
  • I ust can't wait for this to be released!

    STAN NCT or be a squareSTAN NCT or be a squareMês atrás
  • Wow it's so beautiful..

    Lauw MestresLauw MestresMês atrás
  • 1:36 "And came home with a horse" :O

    Wardle Butterscotch77Wardle Butterscotch77Mês atrás
  • Better love story than twilight

    Galilea ScharffGalilea ScharffMês atrás
  • this is better than the EA's upcoming EP. Good Job dude!

    Copper ShadeCopper ShadeMês atrás
  • This is giving me Up vibes

    High King Of Quel'thalasHigh King Of Quel'thalasMês atrás
  • You really said Disneys UP at the end there

    Destiny SaviorDestiny SaviorMês atrás
  • This made me eyes leak , what a moving trailer .

    Janet A.Janet A.Mês atrás
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    indianakornfedindianakornfedMês atrás
  • Как будто мультфильм "Вверх" посмотрела, ттлько немного сюжет отличается

    Diana_9Diana_9Mês atrás
  • How am I just seeing this now! I cried!! This is beautiful! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see the walkthrough! Arnie, thank you so much for all your hard work!

    StrawberryRiceballStrawberryRiceballMês atrás
  • Ужасные анимации, у трактора вообще колеса не крутятся, бред

    Logo TipLogo TipMês atrás
  • I came from the cottage living trailer and I’m amazed at how much better this one looks

    gigi blackgigi blackMês atrás
  • ok but why does he sound like morgan freeman

    Jasmin NorthwayJasmin NorthwayMês atrás
  • Beautiful

    Leeann SabolLeeann SabolMês atrás
  • as a country girl from japan this literally brought back so many memories that i wish i wouldve cherished more :'(( this has nooooo reason to be so pure and beautiful

    laurenlaurenMês atrás
  • Wow that story is just gorgeous

    Waffle TeaWaffle TeaMês atrás
  • this is AMAZING

    astroswineastroswineMês atrás
  • Why buy from the official Sims team ever again if we have modders :B

    Clarisa VélezClarisa VélezMês atrás
  • Pq a EA ñ faz uma expansão assim 😥

    Juliana Aparecida CamposJuliana Aparecida CamposMês atrás
  • up?

    Veronika HudakovaVeronika HudakovaMês atrás
  • I hate being a console player. I’m really missing out 🙃🙁

    Jasmine CarterJasmine CarterMês atrás
  • This is amazing!!! 😱 I am SOOOOO excited!! Best creator in town 😎

    Tiffany RichardsTiffany RichardsMês atrás
  • Why is he Morgan freeman

    Ginger TruncaleGinger TruncaleMês atrás

    ScarlettScarlettMês atrás
  • Arnie pulled a pixar reference on us really hard ngl.

    C h i l lC h i l lMês atrás
  • This is utterly beautiful, I'm so impressed

    Emily DEmily DMês atrás