Winter Soldier VS Red Hood (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

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No one stays dead in comics. Two corrupted sidekicks brawl... in 4K!
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Thanks to ISMAHAWK for creating the battle scene!
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  • What a battle 🤯

    YouTubeYouTube8 meses atrás
    • well thats a shock

      Anthony ThompsonAnthony ThompsonMês atrás
    • Joined 51 years ago no way

      Reverse motionReverse motionMês atrás
    • Epic

      Miguel BarriosMiguel BarriosMês atrás
    • BRbaby IM sorry bad words 😅😅😅

      Thaufeni AhsanThaufeni AhsanMês atrás
    • yo wha

      Pootis powPootis pow2 meses atrás
  • Only gripe apart from WS not being Sebastian Stan is that the WS never knew who he was or his name during his missions. His mind was always wiped until Steve Rogers triggered a memory so he would have answered, "Soldat reporting, target eliminated," (In Russian)

    Vana1970Vana19703 horas atrás
  • AWWWWW so close

    Andrew MeachamAndrew Meacham17 horas atrás
  • That's so cap 😂😂 ain't no way he got stunned that hard

    Roscoe CømetRoscoe Cømet17 horas atrás
  • I blame the crowbar

    Cyro ZionCyro Zion18 horas atrás
  • What about the All-Blades? I dont wanna be nit picky here just asking if Jason would have had the All-Blades he probably win... ?

    CluisCluis18 horas atrás
  • We all know that batman ain't finna let that fly

    Lio HerculesLio Hercules19 horas atrás
  • All that Jason had to do was rip bucky's arm off

    Proud_Nuke_Waste OfficialProud_Nuke_Waste Official19 horas atrás
  • Okay so you're telling me that two people who have both fought people with experience in every martial art to a stand still didn't end in a draw?

    Lazarus KermottLazarus Kermott21 hora atrás
  • Red hood is my favorite

    Susan ButlerSusan Butler22 horas atrás
  • if Bucky's guns have fingerprint sensors then how does he shoot with his metal arm?

    Qing TongQing Tong23 horas atrás
  • Winter Solider vs Red Hood: Former Friends. Doomguy vs Cookies (MUC): Eternal Peace

    Daniel FerrieriDaniel FerrieriDia atrás
  • I was hoping for red hood :(

    DC fanDC fanDia atrás
  • Why can't anyone hold a knife the right way 😂

    CatBugCatBugDia atrás
  • Hand to hand red hood stomps winter because red hood was trained by batman one of the best fighters in the dc universe

    Red_ Hood0609Red_ Hood06092 dias atrás
  • I disagree with this. Winter Soldier was trained by Captain America, who's like Deathstroke with a shield. And Batman's been able to beat him multiple times

    Tyler GrayTyler Gray2 dias atrás
    • @Dominick Destine overly put but yes lol

      Tyler GrayTyler Gray23 horas atrás
    • Umm, I agree with you and I like Captain America but Deathstroke is a much, MUCH better fighter than Captain America. He would straight up 9:1 that fight. Describing Captain America as something like Deathstroke with a shield is waaaaay too generous to Captain America.

      Dominick DestineDominick DestineDia atrás
  • Batman VS The Winter Soldier???

    Christian GibbonsChristian Gibbons3 dias atrás
  • Red Hood would've destroyed Winter Soldier

    Silas FloydSilas Floyd3 dias atrás
  • L video

    Silas FloydSilas Floyd3 dias atrás
  • That was really lame

    Cynical 2DDCynical 2DD3 dias atrás
  • Love the big belly burger!!!

    Good To GrowGood To Grow3 dias atrás
  • * Starts battle portion of video * * eAtS CheZ BurbEr *

    Goggle GuyGoggle Guy3 dias atrás
  • This is why I don’t like death battle winter soldier would lose this fight easily Batman knows 146 martial arts and taught Jason over half of them he should have whooped him

    MintNoggin WithdaTabogginMintNoggin WithdaTaboggin4 dias atrás
  • Red Hood looks like all-painted red helmet Iron Man worn brown leather jacket and a pair of Eagle pistols

    Jaden SantosJaden Santos4 dias atrás
  • You guys went all out on this episode.. very impressive well done to the actors the choreography the costume department the production team and all the others very entertaining keep them coming.. very nice!!

    Five Hubs Websites ChannelFive Hubs Websites Channel4 dias atrás
  • Both actors played an extraordinary role. Hell yeah

    I Am SanchoI Am Sancho4 dias atrás
  • Completely incorrect I feel as if u guys constantly choose marvel when u don't even use the correct fax on dc

    Domo 3XDomo 3X4 dias atrás
  • This is better than any other DC movie fight scene

    Raven 99Raven 995 dias atrás
    • L

      Silas FloydSilas Floyd3 dias atrás
  • Did they get the famous Batman actor to play Batman inside Jason’s cowl?!

    ItsFrostbyteItsFrostbyte5 dias atrás
  • Red hood should of won

    ComeVibeWithcrisComeVibeWithcris5 dias atrás
  • DEATH BATTLE: Green Goblin VS The Joker (Marvel VS DC)

    Pokemon FanPokemon Fan6 dias atrás
  • Welp i wanted red hood to win but thats just bias

  • This would go well in a scene if Avengers vs Justice League the film was every announced

    Alijah GuyAlijah Guy6 dias atrás
  • Painkillers vs winter solder

    EPLVPierreEPLVPierre7 dias atrás
  • amazing

    pola samier wahshpola samier wahsh7 dias atrás
  • thats a fucin liee red hood wins

    Taymar RudonTaymar Rudon8 dias atrás
  • Red hood is better

    Chase SmithChase Smith8 dias atrás
  • I hate this video

    Chase SmithChase Smith8 dias atrás
  • Wait.... Wtf.... Doesn't Jason have more skills and weapons then Bucky??? Jason was trained by batman, the league of assassin's and the monks, Bucky was yes, trained well but Jason was trained way better.

    Lotas The CATLotas The CAT9 dias atrás
  • Im mostly a marvel fan. But i think this is where DC should have won

    KlyntarNageKlyntarNage9 dias atrás
  • Samsung 8 months ago: *gaming phone* Samsung now: *VIRTUAL WAIFU E-GIRL*

    ʄཞɛąƙʂɧơῳʄཞɛąƙʂɧơῳ9 dias atrás
  • Let us see the World's Greatest Detective of DC Comics go against Netflix's incarnation of the World's Greatest Thief. Guess who would win, folks.

    Melvin FrancoMelvin Franco9 dias atrás
  • I always root for marvel but I think the venom should have gave Jason the edge.

    RAW asshitshowRAW asshitshow9 dias atrás
  • here is the thing by the logic as soon as one neural link in Bucky's arm is broken the arm goes dead so after the Bata rang penetrated his arm he shouldn't be able to use it (it's like Carolina and Church in a way)

    TheNecromancerGamingTheNecromancerGaming10 dias atrás
  • Or Deadpool vs the joker

    MrRayallen831MrRayallen83110 dias atrás
  • Would love to see Eric killmonger vs red hood as well

    MrRayallen831MrRayallen83110 dias atrás
  • I enjoyed that. although I disagree on the outcome. Jason would have disappeared and then shot him in the face. No fighting. When your weapon is a one-hit-kill, Stealth is the only advantage that matters.

    Lyle TitoLyle Tito10 dias atrás
  • bro why even bring up his sword and not even let him us it

    Deitrick RobinsonDeitrick Robinson10 dias atrás
  • How the hell do you get folded by a crowbar twice

    sagi- shisagi- shi11 dias atrás
  • Put Winter Soldier against Deathstroke though, with that sword he used to kill an Olympian.

    Joshua StoneKutterJoshua StoneKutter11 dias atrás
  • ...ain’t no way

    Edgy IzanamiEdgy Izanami11 dias atrás
  • I'm a DC fan and I definitely prefer DC over marvel, but for this one I will say winter solider would win this lmao

    Meghan BrosiusMeghan Brosius11 dias atrás
  • Man y’all are trying so hard to not let any dc characters win

    Nickie GibsonNickie Gibson11 dias atrás
  • Why does the winter soldier grunt like a kid

    side side nameside side name11 dias atrás
  • 13:27 is a real way to start the fight

    Kori KasaiKori Kasai11 dias atrás
  • How'd he get his arm back since the last battle?

    Ace the snail snailAce the snail snail12 dias atrás
  • Dunno how Bucky’s more experienced when Red Hood was trained under Batman

    Dr. DensityDr. Density12 dias atrás
    • @Dr. Density well their two different things. I mean I would say red hood is better trained but Bucky has more combat experience if that makes sense

      Sum GuySum Guy10 dias atrás
    • @Sum Guy and?

      Dr. DensityDr. Density10 dias atrás
    • I think they meant more like combat experience instead of training

      Sum GuySum Guy10 dias atrás
  • Do you know winter soldier is a supersoldier but red hood is a normal person

  • If u took away winter soldiers arm or hom being born in like the 1920s red hood would win

    pete quijadapete quijada12 dias atrás
  • Red hood defeneity would beat winter soilder

    Hokage CamHokage Cam13 dias atrás
  • отличная солдат. Otlichnaya soldat.

    Bryan BetetaBryan Beteta13 dias atrás
  • Winter soilder would fold him so fast

    Gaurav KumarGaurav Kumar13 dias atrás
  • While that fight scene was awesome, if Jason could hold the weight of rubble from a collapsed tower and break the grasp of a kryptonian, Bucky wouldn’t have survived all those hits to the face after injecting the venom.

    ContagionContagion13 dias atrás
  • We need more live action battles this was awesome

    Blacc Boi MaxBlacc Boi Max15 dias atrás

    Shit AssShit Ass15 dias atrás
  • Damn I had red hood

    Draven PeazzoniDraven Peazzoni15 dias atrás
  • Stormtrooper aim frfr

    R LR L16 dias atrás
  • I wonder what it would've been like if jason didn't get voted off to be killed

    Super weird PlushSuper weird Plush16 dias atrás
  • That's cap, so you're saying that batman can beat captain America but bucky with training from some random comandos, can beat the Red Hood who's a literal match for batman. in the cartoons, it is shown that Red Hood has a specially made knife that can cut through Batman's monofilament wire grappling gun that not average knives can cut through so saying that "his metal arm was able to shatter a knife on impact" is completely irrelevant as it is made from a strong alloy that can also pierce through kevlar netting

    Dr NuggetDr Nugget16 dias atrás
  • Why aren't they buff?

    Shahid Al-MubinShahid Al-Mubin16 dias atrás
  • Damn, the fight choreography of this battle is awesome!

    Dylan SimmonsDylan Simmons17 dias atrás
  • Epic battle guys

    Darrin TastoDarrin Tasto17 dias atrás
  • I love the part with the crowbar, such a funny little callback about my favorite villain, the joker. HaHaHaHa Hahaha AHA ha

    GamingCrew IncGamingCrew Inc17 dias atrás
    • I can see why this did this, it was easier to do it in live action because they are regular people humans so it would have been better and easier to not animate

      GamingCrew IncGamingCrew Inc17 dias atrás
  • a lot of the information in this abt bucky is wrong lol

    TOHybridTOHybrid17 dias atrás
  • The live action is terrible. Don't do it again

    Christopher CruzChristopher Cruz17 dias atrás
  • I see what you did with the crowbar, it was not funny :| 😂

    Pablo LagosPablo Lagos18 dias atrás
  • Poor dude just wanted to eat a burger and do some drugs

    Anoku MuffinAnoku Muffin18 dias atrás
  • Bruce will be displeased by this, outcome

    CJ MeleCJ Mele18 dias atrás
  • when he says moving on why don't we get a match with batman

    Larry PutraLarry Putra19 dias atrás
  • U guys r great i preferred Red Hood but i realized Bucky is more patient and will wait for the right moment great job guys

    hobo eskimohobo eskimo19 dias atrás
  • This Battle should be featured in a film called Marvel V DC: Survival for Infinite Earths

    Dragon StormDragon Storm20 dias atrás
  • I won't Red hood to win

    Harvey CliftHarvey Clift20 dias atrás
  • What happened to all of Jason’s explosives

    COW WYCOW WY20 dias atrás
  • BRbaby itself commented... interesting innit

    LanceTheKingLanceTheKing20 dias atrás
  • I love that when a fighter has no powers they just use people and special effects, changing things up

    Medic MayhemMedic Mayhem20 dias atrás
  • I thought in the movie Bucky was the one who help captain American

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake20 dias atrás
  • winter soldier 😎

    Daniel ReyesDaniel Reyes20 dias atrás
  • Honestly though, Red Hood would have easily won if he capitalized off of disarming the winter soldiers arm.

    HattyMcFattyHattyMcFatty20 dias atrás
  • 19:39 Bucky: Vibe Check

    TheamazingspiralTheamazingspiral20 dias atrás
  • Wow I never realized the parallels between red hood and winter soldier. Both highly trained, dark past, and mentally tortured. Also both badass with a knife

    shin1300shin130021 dia atrás
  • The movie is better

    Jaiheem SantiagoJaiheem Santiago21 dia atrás
  • Lol Bucky hit his helmet dumb.

    Random BoiRandom Boi21 dia atrás
  • Also jason has venom

    Kyler JohnsonKyler Johnson21 dia atrás
  • First of all jason is way way more skilled then bucky trained by batman and the league of assassin and had the same kind of training as batman 3rd his helmet is bullet proof so gun's are a none factor at least for the head 3rd jason fought deathstroke who literally had a super solider cirum himself and he held his own he was able to escape super girl and she has super hearing which mean jason could literally just stealth kill bucky also he broke supergirls grip so buck wouldn't even be able to hit jason just off of skill jason is stronger not counting buckys metal arm and its also likely jason has a emp on him to shut down buckys arm he also is a better shot so Idk how bucky wins

    Kyler JohnsonKyler Johnson21 dia atrás
  • Come on, at this point I just think that they have a marvel fetish or something!

    UltrateamXZUltrateamXZ21 dia atrás
  • The crowbar and the Joker voices were a amazing touch

    Mauricio MorenoMauricio Moreno22 dias atrás
  • The funny thing is Jason is a metahuman and his bones are wayyyy stronger than a normal person' so blunt force trauma from somebody like winter soldier wouldn't really hurt him so this battle is straight up false and his helmet can self destruct as well Jason lowkey got robbed and the helmet is more durable then they made it seem.

    DrnxTyrant InstagramDrnxTyrant Instagram22 dias atrás
  • i was waiting for the jasons helmet to become a bomb

    PsychoPunchPsychoPunch22 dias atrás
  • One little thing. When Red Hood activated the taaer winding it should not had cauaed any effect on Bucky because his arm is made of Vibranium.

    raymond sierraraymond sierra22 dias atrás
  • ... Wait a minute, is that KEVIN CONROY?

    caffeinedelusionscaffeinedelusions22 dias atrás