Yoda VS King Mickey (Star Wars VS Kingdom Hearts) | DEATH BATTLE!

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The Force duels the Light as two pint-sized grand masters go head-to-head!

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  • Guys this is KING Mickey stop it with Disney owns star wars jokes plz

    Creul_SatxnCreul_Satxn15 horas atrás
  • Hmmm... Disney literally OWNS Starwars!💯✨😏😼

    Antonio LugoAntonio Lugo16 horas atrás
  • Yoda vs Mickey: Disney's Heroes of Light. Saicho (MUC) vs 82 (MUC): Humanity's Robotic Nightmares

    Daniel FerrieriDaniel FerrieriDia atrás
  • Being a huge fan of kingdom hearts for literally 17 years, I agree with this outcome. the king is OP but that speed fact was in no way accurate to his actual combat speed.

    Chay JayChay JayDia atrás
    • It can still be used for scaling. But yes, comparing him to roxas moving is weird. Comparing him to xemnas a man he clashes with who dodged that, more reasonable

      Spencer CSpencer C3 horas atrás
  • I only came here today because moonton got successfully collab with the star wars

    Ethan Xed ManaloEthan Xed ManaloDia atrás
  • This....this is a joke right 😑

    Michael McgvoernMichael McgvoernDia atrás
  • I love how Dante vs Bayonetta stood as the best season premiere by a landslide and this episode kicked it off the mountain

    Shamey boi SmithShamey boi Smith2 dias atrás
  • "Haha! I own you old man!"

    Dowott boyDowott boy2 dias atrás
  • Let’s go Mickey I love you I would have cried if he lost

    Jay TorresJay Torres2 dias atrás
  • Top 10 anima battle’s

    FxghcfjhbvgFxghcfjhbvg2 dias atrás
  • Couldnt Mickey just stop time

    Amy MedinaAmy Medina3 dias atrás
  • You I never thought today was responsible for bringing the Jedi into war

    Garrett JacksonGarrett Jackson3 dias atrás
  • It's hilarious and scary to consider that the Kingdom Hearts version of Donald Duck is considered one of the strongest mages in a Square Enix made game. He pulled off Zettaflare, after all (even if he collapsed afterwards), which is considered the strongest spell, even stronger than Ultima, and only one other character has cast it besides him. So by that fact, even Mickey isn't as strong a mage as Donald, yet Mickey is pretty damn strong on his own. ...Kingdom Hearts is just too crazy for its own good-

    Uzume OrangeHeartUzume OrangeHeart3 dias atrás
  • 16:59 "Wuh happen?"

    Legacy」「Tag PlaysLegacy」「Tag Plays4 dias atrás
  • youtube kids at 3am

  • 18:23 don't forget money! After all Mickey owns Yoda's oldest soul and the world of Star wars

    StormySky48StormySky484 dias atrás
  • 6:53 "they ripped out her sweet Padawan reptilia" What the heck even is a reptilia?

    StormySky48StormySky484 dias atrás
  • 6:25 peacekeepers have to be able to keep the peace from those who try to take it from the world. because of peacekeepers were only about peace than those who were not about peace could easily overtake them. It's rather obvious if you think about it

    StormySky48StormySky484 dias atrás
  • Soooooo did anyone else hear the "wuh happen" at 16:59?

    DreamDaWabbitDreamDaWabbit4 dias atrás
  • The Disney overlords would never allow Mickey to lose

    Daniel PittmanDaniel Pittman4 dias atrás
  • how bout monitor vs watcher

    johnny walkerjohnny walker4 dias atrás
  • Lose against your boss... Almost a rhyme

    L4ST 4N63LL4ST 4N63L4 dias atrás
  • Yoda’s still better

    Sum GuySum Guy5 dias atrás
  • Seems like in reallity; Disney destroy Star Wars so Mickey Mouse kills Yoda 😞

    Jan KowalskiJan Kowalski5 dias atrás
  • Wow you guys have been on a streak lately of utter BS

    CrowCrow5 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C because they used to have the stronger person win now they just do a bit of research and normally the stupid one wins

      CrowCrow4 dias atrás
    • because?

      Spencer CSpencer C4 dias atrás
  • 😶😶😶😶😐

    Yan Gabriel SilvaYan Gabriel Silva5 dias atrás
  • What is this fight?????

    Yan Gabriel SilvaYan Gabriel Silva5 dias atrás
  • I hate disney boomstick make yoda WIN! And make the rat lose

    Matthew PickensMatthew Pickens5 dias atrás
    • @Matthew Pickens salt

      Leon's European island adventureLeon's European island adventure4 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C then disney should disown starwars

      Matthew PickensMatthew Pickens5 dias atrás
    • ... star wars is also disney.

      Spencer CSpencer C5 dias atrás
  • Couldn’t Yoda just crush Mickey’s organs

    CJ SaineCJ Saine5 dias atrás
    • and mickey could freeze yoda in time, hell he has never started a fight with force crush on organic targets

      Spencer CSpencer C5 dias atrás
  • DEATH BATTLE: Luke Skywalker VS Saber (Star Wars VS Fate)

    Pokemon FanPokemon Fan6 dias atrás
  • New kingdom hearts dlc: Star Wars

    Euphoria exeEuphoria exe6 dias atrás
  • Star wars fighting for their rights back from Disney

    Euphoria exeEuphoria exe6 dias atrás
  • I still wanna see a KH3 sora death battle

    Jacine YatrakosJacine Yatrakos6 dias atrás
  • I loved how they combined the music from both Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts. Maybe John Williams and Yoko Shimomura should collaborate.

    David Pumpkins Jr.David Pumpkins Jr.6 dias atrás
  • We all know the real winner, here. Disney.

    M12GProductionsM12GProductions6 dias atrás
  • Well, we all knew the mouse ruined star wars

    Christian E. Y.Christian E. Y.6 dias atrás
  • ur damn right yoda stood no chance.

    collin oldigscollin oldigs6 dias atrás
  • Yay! Mickey!

    Olutayo SonaiyaOlutayo Sonaiya7 dias atrás
  • Why does it seem like they made Obi Wan _way_ stronger in comparison??

    Galaxy 3000Galaxy 30007 dias atrás
    • because Obi-Wan fought someone death battle considered weaker than him?

      Spencer CSpencer C7 dias atrás
  • So Mickey Mouse can beat one of the best force users/Jedi but kakashi can’t beat obi wan 😭😭😭wtf

    MysticLance 456MysticLance 4567 dias atrás
    • I mean Mickey could beat kakashi too.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
  • Booo! Screw you Disney!

    Cactus DanimatorCactus Danimator7 dias atrás
  • when he died he didn't do a yoda death sound, DISAPOINTMENT

    Timmy JimmyTimmy Jimmy7 dias atrás
  • Reavan and Stallkiller from star Wars : fine we do it! Mouse Mickey and disney : " demonic sceraming"

    Igor LechIgor Lech8 dias atrás
    • @Igor Lech Thx for agreeing also even if they did beat Mickey I bet Disney would make Mickey stronger than before. Since Mickey is there mascot and part of their family.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
    • @Jasxon Evans yeah I know what you mean

      Igor LechIgor Lech6 dias atrás
    • @Igor Lech That doesn't mean they don't own them though. Like bro they own Marvel and some of the marvel characters they forgot. So just because they don't remember them doesn't mean they don't own them.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
    • @Jasxon Evans for disney they don't exist so

      Igor LechIgor Lech6 dias atrás
    • Nah Mickey can handle them since Disney owns them since there part of Star Wars.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
  • YES! I knew Mickey would win!

    Crimson BladeCrimson Blade8 dias atrás
  • Why can i see mickey pull out "I OWN YOUR FRANCHISE. AND NOW, I OWN YOU" with the demonic voice of the Lord Commander (like the one he said to Avogato)?

    ThorveimThorveim8 dias atrás
  • This battle is legendary

    Sujon HajongSujon Hajong8 dias atrás
  • Disney buying Lucasfilm (2012)

    GabcardGabcard8 dias atrás
  • Ha Ha!

    Kenan Von KaiserKenan Von Kaiser8 dias atrás
  • Bruh they actually used what Disney did in the last Jedi to say that Yoda could die from using the force too much

    Afroman1837Afroman18379 dias atrás
    • I mean, in the EU, Anakin Solo basically self dentonated by channeling so much force power through himself, he was granted already wounded fatally prior, however it still shows that death via force usage is possible depending on how much is channeled at once, on top of multiple sources pre and post retcon showing force usage causes exhaustion due to again skill and effort required for a task.

      Spencer CSpencer C9 dias atrás
  • 1. The light of kingdom hearts is very similar to the light of the force as both are life force energy meaning yoda could actually take control of what micky throws out without much focus. 2. When Yoda Fought the emporer, the Emporer had to focus a large amount of his own power into blinding Yoda making it a harder fight for Yoda. 3. When it comes to the force there is different styles, Yodas is about the living force around him which does mean at all times if not being blinded he would be able to sense the light and micky at all times throughout the fight meaning there would be no sneak attacks at all. 4. When it comes to magic once the spell is released it's not that hard for it to be manipulated if someone has the ability to do so and yoda does have such an ability not only that but with a focus of the force yoda could manipulate that ultima attack to backfire on micky.

    Sora JonesSora Jones9 dias atrás
    • Light in Kingdom Hearts is not life energy, so no, Yoda couldn't take control of anything Mickey threw at him.

      Sora Haseo DanteSora Haseo Dante5 dias atrás
  • not fait micket own yoda :(

    dreamordreamor9 dias atrás
  • mmm kill mouse i must! pesky mouse steal cheese.. no no i kill mouse no more

    Yes are amYes are am9 dias atrás
  • This hurts to watch

    InterceptIntercept9 dias atrás
  • yall just triggered the most sensitive, hostile, and toxic fanbase on this one.

    j.c manj.c man9 dias atrás
  • Mickey already killed yodas entire franchise, this was nothing to him.

    dan karavelovdan karavelov9 dias atrás
  • I honestly don't know who I want to root for more.

    NaturalOneNaturalOne9 dias atrás
  • It was a little weird that mickey smiled the whole battle

    labib karimlabib karim9 dias atrás
  • Do Metroman vs Omniman

    Jackson GladueJackson Gladue9 dias atrás
    • Metro man would win.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
  • Wait wouldn’t Yoda’s lightsaber cut Mickeys Keyblade?

    TheGGamerTheGGamer9 dias atrás
    • @TheGGamer its very effective, however, there are things even in star wars that can resist being cut by lightsabers. beskar, whatever the zilo beast's scales are made of, and the magical weapon created by mother talzin. and to be clear, a lightsaber is a plasma weapon, the keyblade has held up against plasma projectiles and is a very powerful magical weapon giving it (based on information from star wars) a likely resistance to the lightsaber. plus even when broken, keyblades have been resummoned by their wielders wholely repaired, or in one instance unsummoned, yet implied to still be useable

      Spencer CSpencer C9 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C I thought the lightsabers could cut through almost anything? That’s what I thought

      TheGGamerTheGGamer9 dias atrás
    • the weapon that can resist plasma and lightsaber-like weapons in its own setting? oh and the fact magical weapons can resist lightsabers in star wars. unlikely

      Spencer CSpencer C9 dias atrás
  • can a keyblade resist a lightsaber? if not the hole battel is usless

    Bart SkywalkerBart Skywalker9 dias atrás
    • the keyblade has resisted plasma, and lightsaber like objects, magical objects in star wars can resist lightsabers, more than possible

      Spencer CSpencer C9 dias atrás
  • What a sad commentary on the real world, eventually everything we love in pop culture will be destroyed by Disney.

    KaijukidComicsKaijukidComics10 dias atrás
  • if you think about it mickey has to be the strongest character in fiction

    luv vs the worldluv vs the world10 dias atrás
  • Mickey vs goku

    Santosh DasSantosh Das10 dias atrás
  • Been asking for this ever since the 1st episode of DB they actually answered sheesh took their long ass time

    LivncA_Dis3LivncA_Dis310 dias atrás
  • Please do Sailor Moon vs Thanos

    cedric lavoiecedric lavoie10 dias atrás
  • Is this why Disney owns StarWars?

    Lou Kristoffer CandidoLou Kristoffer Candido10 dias atrás
  • Please don’t say God’s name in vain

    Noah BuieNoah Buie10 dias atrás
  • I'm with micky but I wouldn't expect that mickey win

    Game LifeGame Life10 dias atrás
  • Once again you think travel speed in a ship equals fighting speed. *facepalm* And not only that you match it up with space travel in our universe, which it could not be further from, its not even space travel it's interdimensional travel.

    belzedkbelzedk11 dias atrás
    • @belzedk look, at this point I have no idea what you're even trying to prove here and it's clear that you're too ignorant to accept that real world logic doesn't work in a vs debate against two fictional characters. Later

      GumballVikingGumballViking8 dias atrás
    • @GumballViking And still light arrived first, but yea @@ i'm sure they knew what they were doing

      belzedkbelzedk8 dias atrás
    • @belzedk Yeah, by using KH logic and not real world logic. I seriously don't understand what is hard to grasp here. Also it wasn't another universe, it was a different world, but the trip was roughly a universe in length

      GumballVikingGumballViking8 dias atrás
    • @GumballViking Oh we changed the rules now? didn't Roxes just move from one universe to another in the seconds it was shown in the cutscene?

      belzedkbelzedk8 dias atrás
    • @belzedk the fact that you keep trying to real world logic in this kind of debate tells me you're not really experienced with this kind of stuff

      GumballVikingGumballViking8 dias atrás
  • If Mickey wins this !!! Edit: Seriously !!

    Zi HaZi Ha11 dias atrás
    • Um yeah he owns Yoda so he wins.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
  • I'd like to think that Yoda already knows he is going to lose, but wants to fight his last battle and be slain by a powerful adversary.

    John Kenneth Delos Reyes -Personal-John Kenneth Delos Reyes -Personal-11 dias atrás
  • A perfect birthday gift for me. 8/3/06

    Megu IsikeiMegu Isikei11 dias atrás
  • I would say they didn’t want to get sued by Disney but Disney owns both

    Cynical 2DDCynical 2DD11 dias atrás
  • This feels like a meme more like a battle

    don buriasdon burias11 dias atrás
  • Mickey: If defeat me you do, then paid you will not be. Yoda: Get fucked, you should.

    Phillip WhitePhillip White11 dias atrás
  • Mickey Mouse is pretty much unbeatable.

    ryublueblankaryublueblanka11 dias atrás
  • Finally somebody dies from Star Wars

    Nickie GibsonNickie Gibson11 dias atrás
    • Vader lost his battle a long ass time ago, tf you mean finally?

      Leon's European island adventureLeon's European island adventure3 dias atrás
  • i felt like i had a stroke watching this

    trba_bikotrba_biko11 dias atrás
  • Ordered by Disney.... Our mascot goes over.

    Mike Fat White GuyMike Fat White Guy11 dias atrás
  • Sooooo did they forget that Yoda can literally just control mickys mind? I'd say Yoda has a MUCH stronger will of heart then micky if it comes down to it meaning Yoda would be able to wield mickys keyblade or even take it away by being stronger of heart. Yoda could force mind control micky into just giving up. Make him lose his will and without his will he cannot wield the keyblade. If he really wanted he could just force control mickys keyblade to stop moving. Micky can recall it but he can't force it to move. He could just force control micky to literally just stop moving. They need the keyblade in order to use magic. Without it they cannot control magic.

    DansApplesDansApples11 dias atrás
    • having the strength of heart isn't going to grant Yoda the ability to steal his key, like that actually isn't how that works. if your going to cite the time sora lost it, he was not meant to wield it in KH1 hence why the person who was meant to be its wielder could simply take back what was theirs, Sora in a moment where he as deemed by the keyblade was the better of the 2 wielders due to the other being tempted by darkness made the blade reconsider and give him back the status. then 2 points you really like to focus on would require you to confirm mickey doesn't have the will to resist a jedi mind trick, and this is a character who exploited a genocide (basically the only way to enter the realm of darkness that mickey could use in KH1 is to exploit the entrances made when worlds are being consumed or corridors of darkness, mickey doesn't have the ability to open those corridors) to take a stand and all to stop the machinations of a man who keeps trying to nuke the universe in KH1. and stood against a being wielding the X-blade in KHBBS, he was going up against a man wielding the blade directly linked to KH god. I think it's at least arguable that he can resist it. and I am going to laugh in KH1 sora who could use magic after the keyblade rejected him using a toy wooden sword. and Stopza and Ultima are AOE abilities, most magic comes out of the tip of the used weapon in question, I don't see how not being able to move the keyblade strictly matters in this argument. when mickey has potent AOE magic

      Spencer CSpencer C11 dias atrás
  • Yodas light sabor sould slice that key up

    Devon MaguireDevon Maguire11 dias atrás
    • and the keyblade has blocked plasma projectiles. and lightsaber like objects.

      Spencer CSpencer C11 dias atrás
  • This was a bad video theres no way yoda would die to micky i call a rematch and add macwindu

    Devon MaguireDevon Maguire11 dias atrás
    • Bruh you sure you want to 2v2 battle because I think he would call Sora to help.

      Jasxon EvansJasxon Evans6 dias atrás
    • ah yes. give the midget back up. does that mean we get to give mickey someone to back him up?

      Spencer CSpencer C11 dias atrás
  • Yoda "the force I must trust." Then uses Chibaku tensei.

    clayton elkinsclayton elkins11 dias atrás
  • Technically I think the limits of the force might be much stronger than ya ...since there is no try only do or do not after all

    Black OniBlack Oni11 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C I see what you mean

      Black OniBlack Oni11 dias atrás
    • I mean anakin solo self detonated when he channelled enough of the force through himself. however, that said he was also fatally wounded prior to that, but even with that his death shows that there is a limit to what the body can handle

      Spencer CSpencer C11 dias atrás
  • Goofy is actually a cow

    Ryan James CruzRyan James Cruz11 dias atrás
  • Respect 🙌!!!!

    ChristopherChristopher11 dias atrás
  • This is actually how Disney took over Lucasfilm

    Babu BabuBabu Babu12 dias atrás
  • Ofc Mickey Wins. Disney owns Star Wars so this battle was pretty much forecast

    János MichelmannJános Michelmann12 dias atrás
  • Here come the Star Wars fans bitching I have always Loved both these franchise but my god the Star Wars fans are about as toxic as Rick and Morty

    Max VlahovMax Vlahov12 dias atrás
  • I obviously love death battle but I gotta say the choice of advertise meant has always been a little weird to me and not to blame death battle but this one just kinda sounds like Bluetooth I mean bluechew Is a different product but I mean brand recognition wise I’m never gonna think of it as its own thing

    Max VlahovMax Vlahov12 dias atrás
  • Mickey summons Keyblade, Boomstick summons Keystone... seems legit.

    Michael L.Michael L.12 dias atrás
  • I've got a new spin one the Mickey song. Thanks boomstick!

    Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson12 dias atrás
  • And the only thing to take down the Force is the power of cartoons and video games. I suppose that's natural, but I'm actually kinda glad Mickey won. I like Kingdom Hearts.

    Krystle TaylorKrystle Taylor12 dias atrás
    • well that and high-level magic and technology ... dr doom and all that.

      Spencer CSpencer C12 dias atrás
  • DB advise for analysis: In Kingdom Hearts it is stated that when someone is devoured by a Heartless they "fade" into the Darkness, "fade" can also mean; "wither" which would indicate that when a person is devoured by a Heartless their body fades and their Heart is consumed, according to DIZ/Ansem's research; when Heart, Body and Soul split apart the individual dies, in Kingdon Hearts the Heart and Soul are tied together unless the Heart is destroyed, but this also tells us that being consumed by a Heartless and "fading" into the darkness can mean the same as the person's body being ripped apart on a molecular level (I did research on this myself and it adds up), King Mickey is tough as his' Highness scales to people who can take hits from gods, but subatomic destruction is beyond what he can survive (note that tanking hits from powerful Heartless is still powerful, subatomic destruction isn't until after one has been consumed by a Heartless and it takes time depending on how strong the Heartless is), TLDR: the Guardians of Light can survive hits from gods, but can only survive subatomic destruction for a set period of time depending on how strong they are

    Haakon The RayquazaHaakon The Rayquaza13 dias atrás
    • @Haakon The Rayquaza oh nah lol i played them I just was amazed how you brought up the atomic lvl thing. But if I think you should make a channel because to me personally that was pretty good.

      Javari SpeightJavari Speight9 dias atrás
    • @Javari Speight I was under the assumption that you hadn't played the games, but yes Kairi's training isn't finished yet, she can fight on par with Sora in the DLC but her magic training is not done yet, Aqua is a skilled wizard but it's King Mickey and Xehanort that are known for having powerful time magic

      Haakon The RayquazaHaakon The Rayquaza9 dias atrás
    • @Haakon The Rayquaza that is very interesting. I never thought about it like that like. But in one of the reports wasn’t it said when one becomes a heartless they was said too lose there mind/become mindless. Also nah kairi herself is not really done training. The way xheanort handle her shows that while Phoenix is one the most powerful mutants of the X-men. I’ll say wait to kh4 to see what she can do but that’s only me.

      Javari SpeightJavari Speight9 dias atrás
    • @Javari Speight I found out that subatomic destruction is the one thing Keyblade wielders in Kingdom Hearts aren't immune to, they can still restore their bodies if their heart remains intact, Keyblade wielders like Sora and Xehanort have done this before, but as said in Ansem the Wise's reports in the KH series; "the seperation of the Heart, body and soul results in death", the way I found out about subatomic destruction was; I looked up the times where keyblade wielders were killed by Heartless and when Sora was sent to the Final World (aka the afterlife) his' body had been pulled apart molecule by molecule and I know that the Heartless can do this since it was an army of them that sent him there to begin with, so if someone destroys the Keyblade wielder's body and Heart they'll die (in theory the dead person could be brought back to live but the series has proven that resurrecion is impossible without outside help and "outside help" is not allowed in Death Battle) a matchup that could be considered a fair fight would be: Kairi (Sora's friend/girlfriend) and Phoenix (Marvel), Phoenix has the power of something called; "the Phoenix Force" giving her the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level or the Phoenix Force could take control over her and make her homocidal, it's also possible that the phoenix force could take control of Kairi (which I think counts as a win since it would mean that the combatant has dominated their opponent's mind)

      Haakon The RayquazaHaakon The Rayquaza9 dias atrás
    • Hold on...that’s pretty interesting. If you have the time when ever can you tell me more?

      Javari SpeightJavari Speight9 dias atrás
  • F*ck Yoda, f*ck Mickey. You guys sold out to Disney!)) Just like you submited to "Me too", when you let WonderWaffle won again and again. Shame on you!!! I personaly waited for appearance of Jina Corano, to knock out both of those useless charactes.))

    вася пупкинвася пупкин13 dias atrás
  • Yoda im hehehehe

    Victoria TabuyoVictoria Tabuyo13 dias atrás
  • Disney bought this battle.

    enrique navarroenrique navarro13 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Next time i will try my best. Cheers.

      enrique navarroenrique navarro13 dias atrás
    • @enrique navarro and you could have been more original. mistakes were made on both ends

      Spencer CSpencer C13 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C Not my problem if you're tired reading the same joke. U can stop reading it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and done. Cheers.

      enrique navarroenrique navarro13 dias atrás
    • @enrique navarro I have seen it a lot. kinda felt like taking the piss out of it a bit. cheers

      Spencer CSpencer C13 dias atrás
    • @Spencer C True. But my comment Is a joke. Cheers.

      enrique navarroenrique navarro13 dias atrás
  • Goofy is a cow not a dog......

    Brandon SigmonBrandon Sigmon13 dias atrás
  • This isn’t a fair fight. Micky just bought the rights to the fight😂

    Chandler NguyenChandler Nguyen14 dias atrás
  • Worf vs Chewbacca?

    Chris JamesChris James14 dias atrás